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  • Best Thread of 2018

    boo4u wrote: »
    People still haven't asked him about how he did it.

    Because HackShield is pretty strict, it won't let you run any program that is able to inspect or write to the memory of a process, and if you modify the game's code it will kick you out on its first periodic check.

    It could also be a bug in the hell mode raids that his timer messed up, and he actually did it, but in more than an hour. There is a similar rare bug when you complete a dungeon it won't show the battle cleared window, and you are stuck with the forfeit button.

    Its a secret for a reason because people want to know how to clear the raid.


    Btw, i don't think it's cheating when someone hacks/bugs the timer. It's the most annoying feature that makes this game even more gear-dependent. But removing it would abolish the goal of getting better gear every time a new raid comes out, and it would probably lower Nexon's income too.

    I'm actually glad someone showed how sh**ty this system is by doing it with lower gear and everyone is upset because they are waiting for their lv 100 gear to do it. Haha
  • The Epic of Vindictus 2

    Nowadays video games are considered mainstream now, you don't get called out for playing video games because its the norm, everybody plays video games. Thus it is now a mainstream money making industry rather than something people trying to make something great.

    Just like pop music. Put together a simple emotionless chord progression using only major and minor triads and tada, a hit song.
    As for the E-sports, as a League of Legend player myself, I do agree that they have taken "e-sports" too seriously. Whenever I see the "esports" trailer trying to show off the pro players as if they're some great NBA player, i giggle a bit inside to how much seriously they take it. I believe its jut the game dev, Riot Games, trying to be the next big thing and trying to look important and that they are something greater, but they fall flat on their face when they keep changing the game every few months to stop the player base from dropping. Basketball and baseball are beloved sports that are old yet still watched and played today because it never changes. The rules 50 years ago and how its played 50 years ago is still the same today. League of legends, one season (one year) is just different from the next and they will never be a "sport" if they designers are desperate to be creative since they are in control of the most played game on earth, and they get egoistical with their changes and their personality. Just recent events showing one of the lead designers blowing off the player base off on twitter about how he's right on everything and the player base don't know what they're talking about. It just shows how self centered they are and its an issue that that plagues the game right now of how self centered E-sports is trying to be, that its something great and awesome and is the future but its not really a real sport like you said. Its a fake sport trying to be a real one.

    You've made a good point with the non-changing rules that i haven't thought of.

    Basketball is one of my beloved sports too beside downhill/freeride biking. I also like watching them.

    I think the problem with e-sport games is that you can't compensate if you make the wrong move, like animation delays, debuffs and stuff like that, so once you are caught by the enemy that has this strategic advantage, there is often no escape. You have to avoid being caught that's why these games are only a battle of strategies and tactics without having full control over your character. Simple shooter games however give more control to the player. So basically the more simple the game is the more control the player has over their character.
  • The Epic of Vindictus 2

    You speak to me right with my issues with most games. The gameplay doesn't intertwine with the story. I really hate it when they do that, and they're making the story up as they go and treat people as if they don't enjoy good stories in Video games and that we don't care but we do. There has to be a reason to why our characters or we ourselves to video games, when we're invested in the story, we're more invested in the game and in term have a better enjoyment of it

    I agree. However it's all about storytelling, not the story itself. A good storytelling makes you feel like you are a part of that world, a bad storytelling makes you feel like you are an observer. Most people would think that a story is only dialogues and cutscenes, but it's not just that. You can also tell a story with the music, with the environment or with the items in the game just like in a good movie. But i can understand that they choose what i call stock music (or background music) for most games, because most people don't know music that much to find the references in the compositions. In a well-constructed game you would need a certain level of knowledge about music theory, architecture and literature to understand the story in its entirety, and that is not so consumer-friendly nowadays unfortunately. I use consumer-friendly as a metaphor for popular, because popular things reflect the preferences and the education of average people.

    Most probably that's why we get mobas and shooter games which later become fake sports. Why i call them fake sports is because any non-physical competitive activity is only a competition, not a sport. A sport isn't necessarily a competition either, there are many sports that are not competitive implicity. But while in sports you need subtle self coordination, in a non-physical competitive activity especially where you only press buttons, you only need strategy, and strategic skills are what people call skill in such activities. It's a strange psychological phenomenon because since some games have become called sports (e-sports), people started to take them more seriously for no particular reason. Probably it was the intention of some marketing guys, because people wouldn't take them seriously and wouldn't watch these games if they were not called sports.

    This is my theory about why games have become more visual action- and competition-oriented rather than being deep and meaningful, and more story-driven.
  • The Epic of Vindictus 2

    I think the writers just seperated Time and Space instead of it being interlinked like the real world. Time "stopped" but space still continues to "move on". The story is based on Irish mythology and it is all over the place.

    Then Arisha contradicts this, because she can slow down time and space.

    As for the mythology, the problem is when it's not just based on a mythology but when the names from it are also copy-pasta, and the story doesn't really fit the real mythology. That's why i liked Season 1's story more. It started nicely in its concept, but after that it was chaos, at least for me, so in reading i'm stuck at S1.

    That part about gods and destinies you quoted is nice. The greeks and the arabs also (the irish as well as far as i know) believed that demons are godlike entities whom are the projections of our deeds, thoughts and feelings and whom are the divider of our fates. So it's not a new concept, but it's nice to see that it was inspired by the mythology.

    I will read the entire story of the game in detail some day. I hope i will understand it.
  • Weapon/equipment swap?

    This is such a basic thing that even tab-targeting MMO's have.