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  • What weapons would you like to see?

    A wooden cooking spoon : P
  • Share your enhance and reforge experience

    Pifi wrote: »
    ISeeFire wrote: »
    Personally, I think the discussion about the cost of Reforge system is totally useless. At least, there are people here show you this is a long road to walk for achieving +15. It's funny when we didn't have the Reforge system, you cried because of rng. When we have the system that can work, you cry about the cost of this system. You say buying a +13 rather than making it by yourself because of ... calculation. But I must say it's so silly, because if people here do this, who else makes +13s let you to buy these. Of course it doesn't work like this.

    Second, as there are more ways to earn steels: Seals shop, Raiding, Onslaught, or even farm gold to buy from MP. Many choices that you can choose. It's your fault that you don't like or don't do the contents that can give you steel, not the system. What I (and others) want to say here, it takes time to do. Not about the cost etc you say above. Simply we know, it will cost us much if the luck is not on us. But we know at the end we can get +15 regardless of RNG.

    Again, crying for special patches for our servers is just silly. Remember the green rune event that KR had with 100 weapon, but we didn't. We didn't have them in past, of course We won't have them now. Making these posts won't help anything, they just makes to argue. As we don't have enough things to argue.

    But no one was arguing or crying here. It's not often you find such an even toned conversation on the internet tbh.
    Or are you just unaware that debate and argue are not even close to the same thing, as well as crying and complaining are totally different. Under your assessment of "crying", you are now crying about someone else crying.

    It seems like people on the internet often have poor vocabulary, so they describe everything with meme phrases or emojis.
  • Discord | VINDICTUS (West)

    boo4u wrote: »
    Wow, you must be right!


    He must be jealous right? I mean a billionaire with more power than all of us combined. Of course he's jealous because RhapsodyOfFire said so! LOL

    You want to compare yourself to him? He might be a troll, but i'm sure he is way smarter than you. Plus he isn't stuck on a game forum trolling one person too much. Trolls usually throw in a bait to everyone, and they don't troll a single person. Plus you don't really troll anyone in this topic, but trying to offend someone because you were kicked from a Discord server.

    Plus i said that people usually disguise their jealousy/resentment as trolling and not vice-versa. You know like every bug is an insect, but not every insect is a bug.
  • Best Thread of 2018

    They should have just removed the timer as part of the event and let people do it with their current gear. Problem solved
  • Best Thread of 2018

    People still haven't asked him about how he did it.

    Because HackShield is pretty strict, it won't let you run any program that is able to inspect or write to the memory of a process, and if you modify the game's code it will kick you out on its first periodic check.

    It could also be a bug in the hell mode raids that his timer messed up, and he actually did it, but in more than an hour. There is a similar rare bug when you complete a dungeon it won't show the battle cleared window, and you are stuck with the forfeit button.