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  • Rise update lies about damage contribution system

    Blatant wrote: »
    So you think doing less than 1%, an insignificant amount, is not leeching? Even if they're "trying", doing that much is obvious that their gear/skills are no where near where they need to be to complete the run. The only real argument op has is that there won't be as many of these "noobs" who can't do 1% joining but if you look at the screenshot they got 10th. That's 9 other people who were able to do 1%. I don't think its that hard to replace one person to start the RaR.

    You can call it leeching if you consider it as a dps competition. But it shouldn't be considered as leeching otherwise. That was my point.

    Back then when S2 raids were alive and people went in with lv 70 and lv 80 chars and lv 90's joined it was very easy to produce damage below 1%. And you know it's not your fault when you can solo that raid easily even though it takes more than 30 minutes for you because of your gear and then you produce damage below 1% in a higher geared group.

    Not everyone has 16k+ def to facetank them. Also the attack speed changes the gameplay drastically. You can have the skills for a high ats character but try a low ats one. It's a huge difference and much more difficult to play with.

    In my opinion the only reward for higher dps should be the boss dying in shorter time as it was before Rise came in.

    PS.: It's an obvious business strategy to encourage a competition between customers and then sell things which they can use to overcome others especially when it's required. Whoever came up with the idea of this reward system, it was not for eliminating leechers, that's only the side effect of it.
  • Rise update lies about damage contribution system

    Below 1% is leeching.

    Isn't this what the votekick system is for? Shouldn't leechers be judged by other players rather than forcing the d-peen fight even more? Because this is the direction the game is going as long as people are rewarded/punished for their damage.

    This is just too ridiculous compared to the situation where people are rewarded/punished for their actual teamwork because the boss's mechanics require the participation of all party members without exception.
  • is this game dying?

    Puppyman wrote: »
    zombie game

    That's what i thought of too, an undead game. Since Rise this metaphor fits it very well since zombies are usually capable of a single task, and the game currently only offers a single task of spamming the same raids/dungeons every day. Probably that's why some people only find fun in the dps competition.
  • Which AMD processor for Vindictus?

    I don't understand this intense fight over Intel vs. AMD. Both are vulnerable to reading from protected memory thanks to the speculative execution mechanism that delays the segfault trap (memory access violation). I won't put a github link here, but there are proofs that it works on AMD processors too when they increased the time threshold for cache hits from 80 to around 130. As for the Meltdown exploit, it's already fixed because that can be done on software level.

    As for the question about the AM3+ processor. I recommend all of the FX-8xxx series. My brother has an FX-8120 that runs Division and other games just fine. But the FX-8350 is definitely better. Octa-Core will be an overkill but not useless for modern game engines that do thread pooling and intense physics calculations. However you will never get constant 60 fps in Vindi because the game is badly optimized.
  • 99% of the game made meaningless and irrelevant

    This game has become handicapped since the migration and since Rise even more.