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  • Vindictus 2018 Impressions Review

    I always thought things like games, music, etc. can only unite people but it seems like this game only divides its community. I've played a few MMO's and i've never seen so many guilds divided into cliques for example. I can only recall 2 guilds that at least socialized to a tolerable level. You know this adds to the game's degradation by a huge amount.

    Also the forum shows how passive the community is. Some people fear the dead game threads scare away people but their own behaviour in the game will do that. Maybe this game is just how it is by design now, the dps competition and the speedrun attitude is so dominant some people forget what a multiplayer action rpg is really about. It wasn't like this in 2011, that's why i mentioned it. This whole attitude pervades the entire game and can be felt by the new players who quickly get disappointed by it.

    I mean this community is so ridiculous, just look at the Character skill vs. reward thread.
  • Vindictus 2018 Impressions Review

    While i agree the video is quite a low quality one, especially the jokes in it, some people have a hard time differentiating impressions from a review. It must be a low iq player who will decide not to play the game based on an impression video especially when he highlighted the first good impression that is the game mechanics. My first impressions back in 2011 that made me like the game were mainly the object interactions and the secondary weapons.

    I would appreciate more if someone made an end-game review or a video comparing the 2010-2012 era with the current era emphasizing on the character development, the obtaining of skills, gear, stones, scrolls, etc., the ways to get them, how much effort it required to make a character ready for the new battles compared to how and what you have to grind for them now, etc.

    Also i would listen to the impressions from a true new player's perspective that's not biased. That's like listening to a child whose mind isn't as messed up as an adult's, because bias is like a double or blurred vision. You're seeing two of one. I know there are many biased players, who played another game before and they liked it better than Vindictus. I'm one of those players probably because i like a game based on how fun it is instead of how flashy its combat is, because combat animations alone don't make a game more fun or more difficult, and it's not a real life simulation to take it seriously. I noticed people tend to judge their own capabilities when they succeed or fail at a game. That's just...sad.
  • Someone called me by my login username. How?

    Maybe you use your username as your forum name, or you use it somewhere else, and you posted a screenshot of your character or your ign directly with it, so they could identify you. It happens.
  • We can change Vin's fate!

    Kurs wrote: »
    Sometimes I get the feeling that the current cultures changed in a way where we all feel so entitled and have such an adversity to change that when there's something we "don't like" we start failing to see the good that's still there and only focus on the bad. Sometimes it feels to me that it's turning gaming into something else other than fun. If you can't find fun in Vindi at least don't ruin it for us people who still do find fun in it and stop trying to scare away potential players who could possibly find fun in Vindi as well with all your negativity. Come on people

    It's a big fun when your characters you put effort in over the years get deleted or your friends you like playing with get blocked from the game. Don't you think people have strong reasons when they point out the bad things? Do you even read their arguments or you just stop at the first negative thing you find insignificant? It's not the bugs that keep people from playing but a lot of things that stacked up for them over the years.

    I'm glad you are happy playing with your friends or whatever keeps you playing. You have your reasons and others have theirs. Nobody wants to disillusion you about the game because nobody cares if you like playing. People post on the forums instead of creating support tickets to avoid their opinions from being swept under the rug.

    You should be happy because they wouldn't create these posts if they didn't like the game...
  • I think I'm quitting

    It's always nice when someone quits their addiction.

    Good luck!