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  • Looking For An English Guild

    A quick advice:
    Never disclose your real gender, because there are many creeps hunting for female players who will only talk to you and invite to their parties until they find out you are a male.

    It's only this game where i've experienced this for many years, and even there was a guild where the leader and everyone was really nice to me at first because i've played mostly female characters, then i accidentally gave them a hint about my gender, and from that moment no one ever talked to me from that guild except for one guild member. But at least seeing people awkwardly flirting with the female members of the guild gave me some good laughs. Not to mention if it had happened in my guild i would have kicked them out as soon as possible because i quickly get irritated by such people when they do it in public.

    So be careful what information you provide and which guild you join.
  • Vindictus II

    It would have already been announced if the development had been started, because it's an existing title, they wouldn't have to do much on the advertisement.

    But Vindictus wasn't that much of a success that a sequel would be necessary. They more likely will develop a completely different game that will be similar to Vindictus to a certain level.

    An even more likely alternative is that they will rework the entire game in one of the upcoming seasons.
  • Almost 200 dollars for a Succubus.

    boo4u wrote: »
    People complaining about succubus pet being too expensive? Don't buy it.

    A lot of people won't buy it. That's the problem, you know... Just like anything that has an unbalanced price-value ratio.

    I'm sure you complained in your life about things that you could have easily just not done instead of complaining. This is so hypocritical from you people to tell others not to complain about something they would like to change.
  • HELP: Problem hosting normal dungeons

    It shouldn't be a graphics problem since rendering is done in parallel. Either something uses your CPU or your network bandwidth, or sometimes the disk. First check in the task manager if a process beside Vindictus uses more CPU, network or disk bandwith than it should.
  • A new Game

    I don't mind if they create a slightly different combat system eliminating the boring LLR combos and changing them to more reasonable combos like the special moves in DMC, Castlevania and Dark Souls. Also need a unique story without copy-pasting names from different mythologies from around the world.

    Another thing i would like to see being changed is the way combos are executed. I don't know if any game developer ever implemented this, but for example you start off with a few basic moves like attack (slash, thrust, etc.), run, step backward/sideward/forward, dodge etc., then you could freely combine them using the momentum of the previous move. BDO is very close to that, because you can skip most of the skills' animations and do more complex combos that save you some stamina, but it doesn't exactly work like what i have thought of. This way the moves could be executed more smoothly one after another, and then the stamina consumption and the damage inflicted would be calculated based on the previous move's momentum, like if you do a thrusting attack after dodging, your character would inflict a higher damage than with a thrusting attack that is executed while standing, then you could do another dodge if you want, and another thrusting or slashing attack and so on. You could spam them, but you also need to watch out for your stamina to do these moves effectively. Also every attack could be chargeable, like when you press the button for one move longer, then it doesn't skip the animation but instead executes the entire animation, and this could be done only when you're not doing any other moves beside moving in a direction. Another example if you run forward and dodge, then the dodging distance would be extended based on your movement speed. This one is pretty basic, since most of the game engines can measure velocity without a rigid body attached and it basically works like that when you put together a character controller script for the first time. Animation transitions could also be made with most of the game engines like Unity's avatar masks, animation layers and inverse kinematics (IK). The latter could be pre-calculated since IK is mainly for robotics, and real-time calculation could degrade the performance of the game. In short this is what i have thought of.

    In my opinion something like this could be the perfect combat system for a hack and slash game.