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  • 95 update has taken its toll on me.

    @everyone else
    Honestly I'm not surprised people are crying "harassment" over a couple of comments, why? Because it's considered the "in thing" to cry it and want to be a victim because "the cool kids do it". It's not harassment to make a comment, if you get offended by something than that's YOUR problem not everyone else's.

    Let me ask you a question, if you show your teeth to a wolf, and they attack you, who's problem will it be? Yours because you didn't know that it means a threatening behaviour for them, or the wolf's because they didn't know you only want to smile? The lesson is try to adapt and you won't get into an unwanted trouble. I can understand if a 10 year old doesn't know about these things, but a 20+ year old should have learned them already.

    If someone knows about these things, and they are looking for trouble intentionally, then there must be some serious frustration going on in their head. I'm not gonna discuss it further because there is already enough information in this topic to conclude from.

    I guess no one hates or dislikes the other here so much to cause them an uncomfortable situation. Or maybe i'm wrong.
  • Things that NEED to change.

    they should make a rehab group for people who love vindictus but just can't quit it; It'd be at max capacity on day 1

    A lot of players actually quit but they come back because they are curious. The same happened to Lineage 2 many years ago (around 2008) when around 100 people were fired from NCsoft, the original developers who made Tera too. Many players complained because the further changes distorted the essence of the game and made it unbalanced. But luckily there were private servers, so there were opportunities to try different systems, and a lot of people moved from the official to the private servers.

    These big companies won't listen to some people, they only listen to their profit, and you can only achieve something if you complain enough. Bad opinions mean something because some people will read them and will judge by them. If you wanna advertise Vindictus in its current state, and if you have any problems with it that you don't want to tell, you won't get those fixed, because you just make profit to them that means they will continue further on the same path.

    But people won't stop complaining just because some people want that. You are right that there is the option to quit and leave it as it is, but you should accept that people have the right to complain because that's the only way to make change in anything. But if you have a better idea for that, just tell them.
  • 95 update has taken its toll on me.

    dont touch my free speech,commie

    You wanna justify taunting with free speech? That won't work.

    You have the option to express yourself in a million other ways. If you choose taunting, that's your problem.
  • 95 update has taken its toll on me.

    for every stupid rant thread there needs to be an equal amount of stupid replies

    I think its only fair

    That's not the case because if you had a little brain you would know that it's targetted toward someone in person for provocation and it's not even on-topic. Yeah, that's totally fair...
  • 95 update has taken its toll on me.

    Prototypemind's Daily Mission:
    Eat something nutritious - 0/3
    Throw away trash - 0/10
    Write daily rant post on Vindictus forums - 1/1

    Yours isn't much different but instead writing the daily wannabe funny post.
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