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  • The Epic of Vindictus 2

    Yeah I don't know where the story is going with the Erinn descent where time is stop. From how Season 3 and Season 2 treated it, when time did stop, you either existed currently now and forever and never age. And if you were gone/died, you never existed at all and are forgotten by everyone. Its as if time "stopped" and anything that stays in that moment in time exists forever, or if removed, never existed at all. And thanks :) I'm glad you liked it.

    If it was mentioned as a place where time is slowed down or a place that is eternal or if it was a non-significant part of the story then it would make much more sense. But that place plays a significant role in the story. Imagine humans go there and they can't move because time is frozen. They might as well just die and cease to exist. It's same as going to the paradise. The never aging is fine but that could have a different explanation than the freezing of time.

    It's either a translation error or the creators put very minimal effort into creating the story.

    On the other hand it's a typical love story of two humans who became gods on the opposite sides. That would be fine without the love story part, if they were brothers or something like that like in a true mythology.
  • The Epic of Vindictus 2

    I think even the game's creators confuse frozen time with eternity. When time is frozen nothing will ever exist, maybe only the gods assuming they have a different flow of time, but the world around them would be in paralysis-like state. Time is eternal on its own, and the things that it affects are not. That means if you never aged in Erinn, you would be just granted an eternal life, an endlessly renewing world, but time would still flow on. (time here is an abstract term describing casuality not the linear ticking of a clock on the wall)

    Anyways. Nice video!
  • Another vindi server bites the dust

    Even <3 without <3 hearts <3 I <3 am <3 annoying <3 o.o <3 what <3 are <3 you <3 talking <3 about <3 ? <3

    You are annoying because as a 20 year old you behave like a 10 year old. But humans become mentally mature at 25 so there's hope.
  • Another vindi server bites the dust

    Cloakshire wrote: »
    @QueenOfMana and @TheDazzling

    Ladies.... calm down. You're both pretty.

    OwO ! a-am I weally?!?!? <3 ~

    No. You're gay.
  • Remember when

    can u explain to me how u find 2 hours S2 raids fun? :D and don't gimme the good old answer "cuz it was challenging haha ecsdedededede" :o cuz S2 was ez af even if low stats... PvPing in boats was also boring af to participate in and watch... 8 man raids just made it laggy af... and idk honestly I've never seen a single good point in favor to the old vindi :'c ... but I guess the mature part of the community is right and afking in boats all day was vindi's prime <3 O3O

    I'm talking about S1.

    Most of the game's mechanics were the same, and there were also a lot of active boats. PvP'ing on the boats was optional just like the Boss Brawl and later the other kind of pvp opportunities. Doing the special mechanics of the bosses was also optional but advised except for Lionotus because of his hp regeneration. You could facetank every other boss if you wanted to. However there was no hp scaling and the highest achievable attack speed was around between 50 and 60.

    But this is a nostalgia thread not meant to convince you or other people who have never played it that the old version was better. It's well-known that both old and new versions of the game have many pros and cons. I feel like petty egomaniac people like you tend to perceive it as some kind of fight and think that someone wants to convince them.