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  • Lion Statue Bug or Unclear Description?

    Yes, it's been like that from the beginning. It increases current and max hp by 5k, then reverts max hp at the end of the duration, keeping your % current health. The lower your hp is when you use it, the more hp you get to keep out of the 5k.

    Main uses for Lion Statue are:
    • Facetanking attacks with high set damage values by using it with a full health bar
    • Cheesing arena pvp wins off of people who didn't have it or opted to use paw/cat instead
    • Extra survivability in freematch
    • A small heal that only outperformed pre-nerf Succubus Fang when the user was very low health or if they played very passively/didn't do enough damage

    With RISE making potions instant cast both healing artifacts are pretty bad, but I still prefer the Fang for topping up my health without waiting to drop below 50%. For Neamhain I would use the Lion but only because I'm not strong enough or good enough to make do with Fang there.
  • So my hurk broke an arm...

    I was expecting something like this
  • Am I Being Punished

    Maybe if you stopped remaking characters before hitting 60 and spending huge chunks of NX on several of them for your "science", you'd be at a point where this stuff matters by now.

  • Nexon : No more AFK events please

    LilSlavery wrote: »
    The afk harming no one at all and what the heck is a "ceeb"

    Some slang term to shorten a more explicit version of "can't be assed to do it". Thanks UrbanDictionary!

    And yeah, this isn't what I had in mind when they teased us with the line "TWO MASSIVE EVENTS!". At least if they did Ultimate Objectives people would play a bare minimum amount of battles to participate and be guaranteed to get something good when the objectives are reached. The weekly boosts are nice, but unlimited revivals is pretty useless/encourages lame play and the +2cores/raids is a really lazy incentive that we only appreciate because raids are normally limited and the drop rates are trash. I know at least I'd much rather have an event that goes: "Play this, get this!" than "Do nothing, get this! Also you can spend more time possibly getting nothing out of it if you want idk..."

    ...Did I mention I like the Ultimate Objectives event?
  • Abomination

    ERROR wrote: »
    Both abom and bark are well-designed raids. We need more like them.

    Maybe they'll give up on trying to match the difficulty of Neamhain + Neit with one boss in a new Redeemers battle and just make us fight an Abomination from on top of a giant Bark.
    Question2 wrote: »
    I've to disagree on Bark being worse than Abomination. Bark is a pretty straightforward sandbag boss, you hit the switch and you go back and forward. Yes it's an extremely boring raid boss but that's it.
    Abomination like others mentioned, suffers from many problems and glitches. You've to go Tarzan mode most of the raid and die trying.
    I've to give it to Devcat though , if this boss didn't have the main material to make the new belt, no one will be running it , aside from title hunters.

    You forgot the part where AOE damage causes Bark to go berserk and spam missiles before you can kill all components. Also the very long invul times because he keeps moving back and forth at set intervals.

    Don't forget the occasional glitches where he takes off way too early, starts going down the tracks sideways, or just becomes straight up unkillable because someone used Temporal Shift on him. Both raids are trash though, I don't think this Abomination vs Bark discussion really needs to be had.