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Am I Being Punished

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When I logged in this morning I was surprise to see the Migration Gift and the Daily Reward had shown up. Let me show you what I got for playing Vindictus for 80 hours:

Super Week Box: Second Saturday

1 Premium Enhancement Rune
1 Max Durability Increase Potion for 1 item
1 Super Week Ticket

Supreme Wings Box:

1 Pair of Pink Phoenix Wings (outfit)

I looked at that and I thought to myself, “What the hell is this crap?” As a new player of only four months, this does absolutely nothing for me or my characters, which at this time, are all Karoks. I thought I was getting an entire outfit (5 pieces), if I am not, then why put 'outfit' at the end of each set of wings?

I was depressed, disappointed, and angered. It is quite the let down from last week, isn't it? No more AP points. For me, of the four characters that I am currently playing, three of them just went dormant. They will not be picking up the mail for the next week.

1 Premium Enhancement Rune: As a new player I haven't any idea what this is for or why I would want it. I suspect I haven't gotten to that part of the game where this would be considered important.

1 Max Durability Increase Potion for 1 item: You know if go to the Soldier at the Docks, she will repair all items, for a small price, as will the Blacksmith in Colhen. This does 1 item. How impressive is that? It sends shivers right down your spine, doesn't it.

1 Super Week Ticket: This only has benefit if you collect at least 3 tickets, then you get to buy some senseless crap from the Exchange Shop, I used three of them and bought a Gear Protection Rune (+10-12), don't know what it is, but of all the things you can get with the tickets from the Exchange Shop, it seemed to have the most value.

I want to thank you for helping make this decision. It now allows me to free up some time to play a different game. Once again, I want to thank you for tireless work, in helping me make this decision.


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    The lost skill.
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    Premium Enhancement Rune.

    If you don't know what this does for you then you haven't gotten to any meaningful part of the game yet.
  • EbonwingsEbonwings
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    Mylew wrote: »

    Nononono. It's:

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    I love every single thread you make. They're like Jim cakes in a beanbag machine.
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    Maybe if you stopped remaking characters before hitting 60 and spending huge chunks of NX on several of them for your "science", you'd be at a point where this stuff matters by now.

  • SekaiizSekaiiz
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    "Player complains about free end-game stuff because he cant use them for his lvl 1-10 'science'. "
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    @OP you're strange. Not sure what to make of you, but you do you, boo.
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    Noburo wrote: »
    Maybe if you stopped remaking characters before hitting 60 and spending huge chunks of NX on several of them for your "science", you'd be at a point where this stuff matters by now.

    wait, is this the same guy of that "experiment" post lol?
    i didnt even knew how to react to that post, or this one for what matters lol, this guys is just... idk "special"?

    Btw this is a really stupid thread lol, the gifts are great and if you really REALLY are complaining about them, then you really are a noob.
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