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  • Enemy HP Bar not Updating

    This happens in S3 raids too. It's not as noticeable because people can take pets into those raids and pet damage counts for the whole party and updates the HP bar even when you're not attacking.
  • Abomination

    The minigame is fine as long as people pay attention, it's just too glitchy for non-hosts and attacking the legs isn't even worth doing unless you want the title. Even on my friend's hosting which I get a stable 5 bars with, my characters occasionally hit invisible ceilings or swing way too low to get on the last platform if I try the shelf trap ones. I've even teleported to the top of the first platform a few times.

    I don't enjoy the raid all that much because Abomination himself doesn't have a very challenging moveset. He just flops around and spams that weird slow walk that leads into nothing, getting himself melted because of how non-threatening he is for most of the raid. I only really see people get rocked by the red attacks and multihit attacks due to being stuck under him or having a teammate spin the attacks towards them unexpectedly.
  • About Perma Juggleing in pvp

    Always hated it when I backed off after finishing a juggle and ended up getting otg'd infinitely by the opponent the first chance they get. Trying to keep the match fun for both of us and they just don't care, lol. I didn't really PVP much after Karok's revamp but I've seen the Brutal Flurry shenanigans, idk why the devs thought that was okay to leave in there.

    Longer wakeup invuln would actually be nice for both PVP and PVE. Some characters are still vulnerable before they even regain control after a knockdown, leading to some pretty lame extra hits taken.
  • Please take the time to submit a support ticket.

    I get telling those who claim to be able to host 16 people better than Nexon servers that they're straight up wrong, but the lag isn't unfixable and the game didn't even change much in the patch that started it, so I don't see why you would think that. The raids did not run like this during the months after they were revamped, even with the increased traffic from people spamming 4 Ancient Lakoria runs per day. So that just begs the question, what the hell did they even do in the Abyssal Arena patch to get Royal Army raids to run so poorly when there's way less stress on the servers now? Change the system to some new peer to peer model for server hosted runs like Royal Army raids and PVP? Lord knows, they will probably NEVER tell us with the level of transparency they've shown around here.

    The devs are just too buttheaded to go back to the two patches that ruined the game performance to isolate what changes caused the problems and undo/fix them. It's the same situation with the UI lag which was worsened in the same update, which could be part of what's causing the problem. I can't say for sure how big the KR Vindictus team is or how many people on that team are even programmers, but how hard is it for them to just compare previous builds like that to evaluate what changes were made, and does the benefit outweigh the performance hit the game has taken? Do they not save them? It really just seems like negligence on the devs' part is the reason no progress has been made on the Royal Army and UI lag.

    To give everyone an idea of how much manpower it takes to "simply upgrade the game to source 2", Valve's Team Fortress development team was recently revealed to consist of around 16 people, just under half of them being programmers. A representative said that that is nowhere near enough manpower to upgrade the game to a new engine while still working on new content and fixing current issues.
  • European Migration FAQ

    11. What will happen to the Europe community forums and social channels?

    For the forums, we are in the process of migrating all to a new Global Forums platform. This process has already been in process for our newer titles such as First Assault, Riders of Icarus, and LawBreakers, but we will eventually migrate our current forums for other titles to this new platform. Dates for each individual forum are unknown at this time.

    So EU will still have their own new forums ? Meh :l