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  • Request : Additional Filter for QB

    "Not full" is another standard server selection sorter that I would appreciate being added in if they do this.
  • RIP our usefull fansites

    Why hasn't Nexon staff acknowledged the importance of the fansites that we lost, nor shown any interest in replacing them in any way with official knowledge resources? Saygo literally came in here and said "In all honesty, I am not sure why fan sites were mentioned" as though he doesn't understand how valuable resources like that are for us. Yeah, losing Sanitee sucks and BlackCipher is a garbage anti cheat like most of the ones in these import asian mmos, but that's out of our hands at this point. I thought this thread was about "RIP our usefull fansites", but it hasn't been for like 3 pages now. The BlackCipher/ban conversation has just gone sour and the thread's just going to get locked if we just throw speculations at eachother instead of discussing the information defeciency we now suffer from.

    In a couple of recent tickets I've actually been told to try asking around the forums for help from our knowledgeable community members for help with future problems. What happens if the knowledgeable players start to leave, stop posting here, or just forget things? People have to go dig up news posts from a year ago just to figure out how item composite works, or even further for older systems that still have garbage or no tutorial dialogue in game? Check the wiki that we were last being encouraged to update when Zoltar was around? Oh wait, that was around when that one guy who also shut down his site recently got IP banned for sharing datamined information on the forums, leading to a lot of people boycotting the wiki from then on instead.

    What's your plan Nexon? You have nothing like an item database on here, you never discuss future content with us until about a week or two before launch, you don't even have anything like a "Current Issues" thread right now to stop people from clogging up the forums with the same complaint threads every day. You have no section on the official site dedicated to explaining system mechanics and instead rely on players to explain everything in game or on the forums whenever someone new gets confused by your bungled up translations. You only have a link to the wiki which isn't very well taken care of anymore, and a page with official wallpapers and videos from your YouTube channel. Look at this wiki page, it doesn't even have all of Karok's smashes on it after he's been revamped for nearly a year, and this is the quality of the information source you're directing us to? Shouldn't you take some pride in being a reliable information source for your own game?

    We don't even have a characters preview section anywhere on the site. I can go back REEEEEALLY FAR and find this post for a very vague description of what Hurk plays like before bring up the game and playing him myself or going to the wiki. That's nice to have, but I only found that in a reasonable amount of time because I remember when everything over the past 5 years was released. That's also the oldest post you can go back and find on here, meaning no introduction to Vella, Kai, Karok, etc.

    tl;dr Site needs more info, especially on old system mechanics and character info. The "go check the wiki" attitude doesn't work when it's not well supported.
  • Collab Events? Also SAO outfitters return?

    I'd say chances of another event like that are slim after the last one. The SAO event came with a redux of the Ultimate Objectives event that we had to do to get some of the rewards, but the numbers weren't tuned correctly, so both East and West failed most of them. The real kicker here was that because of how licensing agreements went down, Nexon did not have the power to alter the terms of the event after it started. Everyone was mad.

    As far as rereleasing those specific outfits, that's something that they can't just decide on their own even though the items are in the client. Again, due to licensing. I think your only hope is that a new season or movie for the series comes out, and for some reason they decide to work with Nexon for a promotional event again even though this game is old now.

    Still praying for a Konosuba collaboration at some point, myself. I need to see a bunch of Megumin Evies running around blowing things up.
  • RIP our usefull fansites

    wat, manual is gone now too?
  • Why was this changed

    It's awful. Lako and Beokros used to be clash playgrounds and taunting in Frosted Omen was invaluable. Now we can only spam the sit emote or use items in the doorway and hope the party doesn't follow Stribog out every time an attack leaves him facing the wrong direction.

    The raids are still lagging too.