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  • Nah I've seen it too. Same thing happens with certain battle pillars (arma, champion, regina etc.) when you zoom the camera in and out. With Miri when my camera is far away he eyebrows go from normal to very surprised looking.
  • I like Aes the most as long as the other 3 people in my party aren't Kai/Chain Vella/Staff Evie. Then it just turns into a laserspin deathball spam rave party. Arcana is a close second but her tracking multihit combos are trash and failing the to…
  • CuraiHotaru wrote: » We barely reach 500 views per threads, they reach into the thousands easily on threads, http://heroes.nexon.co.jp/community/freeboard.aspx?page=1 go through the pages and see for yourself. And like every game, neither does …
  • I'd recommend Delia, Arisha, or Miri for something like this. If you're just focusing on getting through to endgame and teaching people system stuff and what's worth investing into it doesn't matter that much, but if you want to teach people how …
  • I can't imagine that people want to play on 1 bar connections this badly.
  • If we're talking about messing up on a character's standard combo then it's just a matter of cleaning up inputs. The game's controls are simple and part of the challenge is keeping calm enough to not mash out the wrong attacks under pressure; ending…
  • I didn't even know you could left click to kick during that so I tried it on my Karok. You can actually do the sprint shortcut for dropkick during the minigame but I dunno if it contributes to knocking her down. It disables the kick/dropkick/diam…
  • Certain armors and weapons were either made exclusive to expertise or are just completely unobtainable now. Check out this thread for a lot of good info that's up to date for the RISE version of vindictus: http://forums.vindictus.nexon.net/discu…
  • The servers themselves seem pretty fast now. Clicking someone's name in chat brings up the View Info button instantly and clicking Join Party throws me into the loading screen jarringly fast.
  • Oh my god, did the threads get moved? WE STILL HAVE FORUM MODERATORS?
  • i want one that projects an angry looking karok behind me like a stand
  • When you do get to raiding level, make sure you're using quick battle and the favorites feature to find battles. There's a lot of boats going up that you'd just never see by checking the board because they fill up and launch so quickly.
  • It says enhanceable to 20 because the main essence is orange, and that's the determining factor. If I blow up a weapon at +13 it doesn't change to say "Max enhance level 13". So these swords were either blown up at one point or they are from a givea…
  • Maybe they know we're trying to evade the CoD tax with it, lmao. We'll try the 0 thing when our guildmaster's on later, thanks. edit: It worked!
  • Niflheim is a set of battles you might find worth checking out, it was released as optional challenge content when season 2 was done. The idea is that you can't use graces and you permenently die after 3 deaths. The first two battles also feature a …
  • The event is still kind of invisible. Like, forgot-to-post-the-event-page-again invisible. Unless they just didnt make one at all and the attendance event is and its UI is all we get.
  • Hell yeah I hate it. I used to just leave raids near the end if people left me dead for most of it, because I felt more ripped off being unable to play than by losing drops because I /leave'd. This happened a lot back in season 2 when perfect blo…
  • I also noticed I can't do the transform animation cancel with autoclash anymore but that was a legit bug anyways.
  • Clearly we were having too much fun after the revamp, can't be havin that. I've been remaking my Karok on my main account since the update, and I'm not really noticing the speed nerf on pillar. Might be because I haven't played the character at h…
  • I laughed at the Epidemiologist one at first but they're pretty annoying and grief-able. If you're okay with not having system messages you can make a new "All" tab without System messages in it. I like my system messages though.