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Detailed update notes?


  • AtherionAtherion
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    Whether it was a feature or bug is irrelevant.

    Fact is that even with the clash passive, Karok is slower than he was before the balance patch so in no way did he receive a buff.

    So of course Karok players are going to be upset with the changes.
  • StormCrusherStormCrusher
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    edited March 1, 2018
    Elyr wrote: »
    Oh, and those where other party members won't allow you to clash cuz the dont give a damn.

    Do they hold a gun against your head? Spear you whenever you try clashing saying "No! Bad Karok!"? Because you have an SP you can use to taunt the bosses into using their Clash move while aiming at you, so other party members won't even matter.
    Atherion wrote: »
    Karok's Terror Rush/Bison form buff now gives a flat increase in attack speed instead of percentage which also affected movement speed.

    11 speed from Bison, not sure about Terror Rush since I don't play Cestus. Let's do some math: previously, Bison Form was 5% Speed (a character base speed starts at 200), meaning a +10 speed at 0 speed or +15 at 100. With an average amount of unbuffed speed, around 70, you'd get 13 speed, just 2 less than you get now without Clashing. I'm not sure on the multiplier boost worked with Werewolf Paw, but I believe it was additive (20% from Werewolf + 5% from Bison, so 25%). Let's get again 70 speed as an example, if it works that way you'd get 67 extra speed for a total of 137, while now you'd get 56 -> 126 (base 70 + 11 Bison + 20% Paw) before Clash and 58 -> 128 (base 70 + 11 Bison + 11 Clash + 20% Paw) after Clash. Karok's overall speed got buffed to only receive a slightly reduction during the 30 seconds of Paw (that's if my math is correct, of course). And like I already said, according to patch notes Bison was never meant to increase movement speed

    I've ran the Paw math again after double checking its interaction with Bison Form with a Karok main:

    Let's take again a 70 Speed Karok as an example. Before, Bison + Paw would give you 70 -> 140 Speed, while now it gives 67 -> 137 (before Clash) and 80 -> 150 (after Clash)

    So yeah, I stand on my point that Karok has actually been buffed after these changes

    - cant use taunt in royal
    - nothing to clash when you farm
    - irrelevant when fight is too short for ex s2
    - try to clash in special battle, tell me how cost-effective is that (i still try tho)
    - cant clash in redeemers
    - try to manual clash aes when party members dont go behind you and take aggro to the side
    - don't forget you cant clash some bosses before certain situation, Ex aes on 7th bar, dulla when he gets his shield up or echoid after he does that climbing.

    You make it sound like you 100% clash the boss on the first 10 seconds and yay 11 attspd for the rest of the fight which is definately not how it goes most cases.

    Also i play Cestus and without the clash buf i feel slower and i am slower by 10 attspd. Ill probably get used to it cuz karok is still most fun char for me but as others say, no reason to be happy with this.
  • NoburoNoburo
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    I also noticed I can't do the transform animation cancel with autoclash anymore but that was a legit bug anyways.
  • JeyemJeyem
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    Its intended, to get ppl to play more. We changed things, but what did we change? Go find out