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  • Thanks. Just as I finished reading over it in that thread though they made the post public, lol. Link: http://vindictus.nexon.net/news/28327/partholon-vanguard-update
  • I'm having this problem too, seems to happen with battles that used to be limited raids (Season 2 and Season 1 raids). If you hit the max # of runs that give drops for the day the quick retry ui for that battle becomes unresponsive.
  • Yes, it's been like that from the beginning. It increases current and max hp by 5k, then reverts max hp at the end of the duration, keeping your % current health. The lower your hp is when you use it, the more hp you get to keep out of the 5k. Ma…
  • Pillar counters EVERYWHERE, super fun on blocking characters for me. Unfortunately the clash looks like poo because he spins around even when you manual it, also blocks progress on a title so i won't be bothering with it unless people ask.
  • You actually can't type anything that starts with a c after vindictus, try "viindictus c". Another weird one I accidentally get a lot is "wsea" or "w sea". I also remember this one time when they censored "10" for about half a day.
  • I think Spinning Slash and Deft Reload are best to prioritize having on accessible quickslots for their instant stamina restores and watching DR's cooldown. My Z skills are Transform, True Shot, and Desperado and it's pretty comfortable.
  • It's tied to the "Gamepad Mode" layout. I play on gamepad too, but I don't have the problem because I'm using the Keyboard Mode layout with my controller binds set manually so that I can switch between the two, depending on where I'm sitting when I …
  • I was expecting something like this
  • My friends are definitely not coming back, I had hoped they would when I first saw that stream showcasing all the cool stuff they'd be doing for Rise. They were really discouraged when I showed them that video of Weeping Queen not causing a hard kno…
  • I have this problem with the Raging Volcano skill on my Z skill slot. Sometimes the icon will darken but it won't show the red cooldown timer. It doesn't happen with the skills on my other quickslots, so I'm thinking it could be from using alternate…
  • I thought this was always a feature of the black Elchulus raid. He loses the blue fire breath and the Godly Inferno debuff from it when his hp is low enough for him to do his tired animation.
  • It feels the same. New rewards screen lags a bit less than the old one and solo departure bypasses the disgusting boat launch freeze but I still only get above 40fps with the UI off. Patch notes said memory usage would b optimized or something al…
  • Melnaa wrote: » Does NA Muir teleports away from edge? EU Muir did that. He only does that if he's pushed into the zone that's supposed to trigger the falling cutscene without doing so. After a few seconds he'll cancel his current action and ba…
  • He's using Slashing High scrolls, you can see them on the quickbar next to the party feathers at 0:20.
  • If you find yourself accidentally doing a weavesmash instead of big bang, just press tab during the smash animation to cancel it into big bang. This works with weavesmash and all of cestus's main smashes. I use this commonly if I see an attack comin…
  • Ugh, that ad is gross. I just kill the Vindictus process instead of closing it through the menu and never have to look at it.
  • It's a good giveaway event, yes. Hard to get screwed over by anything other than not bothering to log in or being on the wrong character when the Migration bar hits the untradeable Enhance and Enchant Runes. That's it though, this event is nothing w…
  • Rocheste. Berbhe would be #1 for me if it had a marketplace, and exploration board, and a bearable load time. The only thing I don't like about Rocheste is how underpopulated it is, even after they put the exclusive npc for season 3 gear stuff there.
  • Maybe if you stopped remaking characters before hitting 60 and spending huge chunks of NX on several of them for your "science", you'd be at a point where this stuff matters by now.
  • LilSlavery wrote: » The afk harming no one at all and what the heck is a "ceeb" Some slang term to shorten a more explicit version of "can't be assed to do it". Thanks UrbanDictionary! And yeah, this isn't what I had in mind when they teased…