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  • Let's Do An Experiment Involving Ability Points

    I'm having a hard time believing you and the no ap spent guy aren't the same person at this point. You've both posted the same experiment multiple times across multiple subforums, unless you're talking about someone else entirely.

    Condense your posts a bit, you'll find people will be more willing to respond and participate if you outline the important parts as Okatsu is asking. The walls of text are just too much, man.
  • Titles

    I'd like some titles for mechanics in older battles that didn't have any. Would give people reasons to go back to them for fun, even if just for a bit.

    -Grounded Elchulus with the Ballistae 15 times

    -Trip Akanan/Dark Akanan 10 times
    (I've only met a handful of people who know this is even a thing)

    "Death from Above"
    -Drop stone weights on Irukul 30 times

    That kinda stuff. Maybe some secondary weapon related ones like killing bosses with small bombs or hitting spears from really far away too.
  • Which char are you creating with the added slot?

    Gonna remake Evie since mine isn't level 90 yet and has a name I'm not too fond of anymore. Would also make it so all of my female characters are on one account.
  • Karok in Ein Lacher

    The majority of my golds have been done with cestus because you can finish battles faster while playing a more passive style with it. Faster clear = less opportunities to screw up, lol. It also helps that I have more experience with season 1/2 bosses with cestus because I mained it until partway through season 3.

    Pillar definitely outperforms cestus on some of the battles though, it all depends on what blockstrings you can handle at your attack speed and how relentless the boss in question is.
  • RIP our usefull fansites

    Just bugs me that they have this "not our problem" attitude about fansites when the official site is so useless.

    It values presentation and current events way too much, wasting a ton of space and leaving out lots of vital game information that people playing could use or that people checking it out might want to know before installing. The stuff bolstered to the front page is usually just sales or content that endgame players have read up on for months and that lower level players won't see for a very long time. That's pretty much the extent of what the main site is used for and it's sad.