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  • Unstable Enhancement Rune miss leading discription

    The discription of this item was changed randomly recently. It still get distroyed after a success, which is shouldn't happen with the current discripted. This discription is not accurate on what the rune does. please fix it, effect wise or discription wise.
  • Dullahan move set + mechanic guide

    @Order5 Being on the outer circle is fine aswell if you using a blocking character, since once the lazer attack hits your block the lazer hitbox wont hit you again. That advise is best for iframe character and probably the better way of doing it. The vid are to just show some example of the bombing. Your advise on bombing are great.

    I haven't started the explanation part of the guide on how each attack work and tip like the one you said now.

    "3) Also for more advanced users - when Dullahan performs the flying thrust attack (usually the alternative finisher to the "Perfect Guard Flying in Air Spirit Projectile into Slam" and I believe it is a red attack) immediately throw a bomb at her left shoulder after dodging. Her head positions itself there."

    Also I don't think that attack is a red attack but, I'll need to double check to confirm.

    Also if anyone have better name for those attack, I will gladly take those sugestions and edit accordingly.
  • Dullahan move set + mechanic guide

    WORK IN PROGRESS: Editing program is giving me a tough time :s . Also playing video game :D Ganna add discription for certain attacks after all videos are up.

    Finished most of this post. Last thing that needs to be added are Enrage stage, Spirit Move Set. EDIT: completed most of the explanation portion, open for any aditional tip that i may have missed.

    Here Dragon's guide link
    Raijinn wrote: »
    Crit cap is 155, and his defense is 18.5k, making our ATT Cap on him 28.5k.

    Dullanhan has a good amount of attacks that requires you to perfect guard, this guide is to help people know which attack requires perfect guard and also show case all his attacks and explain his mechanic (for more detail look at dragon post).


    Transition Animation
    Entering 9 Bars Animation

    Shield Animation

    Regular (Non Perfect Guard attacks)
    Old name in Circle Bracket. New name suggested by Puppyman.

    For these first two attack, you will notice that his hip spins 360 before the attack is launched, these two attack uses this tell. This is a similar theme for most of Dullahan attack, you can tell which move it is trying to do via looking at its hip, legs, feet.

    Gigablade Singel-Hit (Regular Quick One Hit Spin Attack)

    Gigablade Two-Hit Combo (Regular Two Hit Attack)

    For this attack, in particular, he uses two tells. The first tell which is him going to a somewhat neutral position where he lifts his sword up in an upward position like he is posing, and the 360 hip spin. Attack with the first tell are his slowest attack combos. Attack with this tell are great for fitting in one or two more attack in (Depending on attack speed) before perparing for block/dodge.

    GigaBlade Single Hit and Two-Hit combo uses 360 hip spin move as a tell.

    GigaBlade Three-Hit Combo (Regular Three Hit Combo)

    The first hit is 360 denial attack while the last two give opening for attack behind him (Useful for group play).

    Gigablade Two-Hit and Three-Hit combo uses the neutral position pose as a tell.

    Attack that doesn't use either of the two previously shown tells. These attack uses the upper body and arm to telegraph the attacks.

    Lastly when he move his arm out while hovering, that motion can hit player that are mid range from it.

    Back Swipe

    You can either look for when he raising his arm or look for him swiping his feet.

    Two Hit Spear Lann Spin Attack

    He'll do a somewhat long wind up for a spin as the tell.

    Hover Mode Swipe (Quick Upper Cut Attack (I think of it as a Follow up Attack))

    There's two tell for this attack, the one shown in this video uselly follows Spear Lann Spin Attack or GigaBlade Single-Hit. He'll quickly put his weapon behind him and do an uppercut. For this version he can jsut randomly do it on it own but not very common.

    For tell two, this is usually followed by GigaBlade Two-Hit and Three-Hit combo. He'll do the put sword in upper position pose before going into the upper cut attack.

    This happens solo btween bar 10 and 9. Once he gets to bar 9 it'll only happen after one of the two previously stated method. Once bar 9 hit, the solo version becomes a perfect guard attack (Enhanced Hover Mode Swipe)

    Follow up Attack Examples (No need to check these)
    Regular Two Hit Attack With Follow Up Attack Slow Version

    Regular Two Hit Attack With Follow Up Attack Fast Version

    Regular Three Hit Combo With Follow Up

    Regular Two Hit Attack With Follow Up Attack Version 2

    Perfect Guard Attacks
    Perfect Guard Attack begin to happen during bar 9 trasistion.

    Enhanced Hover Mode Swipe (Perfect Guard Upper Cut into Ground Attack into Chop)

    Same tell as the none enhanced version with similar Air Cryo-gen Laser Spin attack into a Lunge.

    Air Cryo-gen Laser Spin (Perfect Guard Flying in Air Spirit Projectile into Slam)

    Perfect Guard Jump Attacking into Ground Expanding Circle

    If you're inside the ring you wont get hit by the ice spikes

    Perfect Guard Jump Attacking into Ground Expanding Circle V2

    This version shows the ice spike in action, can be dodge/perfect guard.

    Chasing and Range Attacks
    All these attack Requires Perfect Guard. These attack happen if the targeted player are a disctance away from Dullahan.

    Perfect Guard Chase Lunge Attack

    The tell is Dullahan reaches out one hand, takes three step, third step creates ice spikes. Then he Lunges to you with his sword. The start up for the lunge part of the attack might have it own hit box.

    Perfect Guard Chase Tackle into Upper Cut

    Dullanhan will get into a shoulder tackle position as the tell. The Tackle and the upper cut has thier own hit box thus making it a two hit.

    Disc Rotating Attack

    This only happens when he has his shield on. This is on of the best attack to bomb it.

    The Lazer part of the attack only hits once meaning if you're a blokcing character you can block the lazer once and not have to block it again since it wont hit a second time. If the lazer hit, you'll be frozen.

    The Disc and Lazer are two different hit box and even if you block the lazer the disc can still hit you.

    Disc Rotating Attack With Spirits

    This attack can only happen when Dullahan is out of shield. The lazer and spirit can freeze you.

    Red Attack
    2 Perfect Guard Hit into Red Attack

    The tell for this attack is Dullahan starting off with an ice stomp. Then it will do two slow Gigablade attack into a red attack. The red attack portion of the hit will land directly infront of Dullahan and can slightly curve to the person its targetting. Best way to avoid this attack is to go around em making the red attack hit infront of em and you're behind it.
    V0lterix wrote: »
    Karok can clash his red downward slash during Shield Phase only. The shield goes down during clash animation, so take the time to damage as much as possible before resuming bombing.
    Karok Clash Video

    Bombing/Mechanic 1
    When Dullahan hit 9 bar, it'll reviel the ice box in the middle of the stage. Dullahan can start the shield phase asap during bar 9 if it manage to land an attack on the box. Thus, in dragon explanation, you're to make sure Dullahan is not near the box. At bar 8, Dullahan will start to run to the box in the middle. Once Dullahan breaks the box, it will gain a shield which you will need to grab the bomb that is spawn in four position on the field.

    The amount of time needed to bomb Dullahan is proportional to the number of player you started the run in. Example, if solo one bomb required, 4 man 4bomb, 3 man 3 bombs, 2 man but two member left after the run started 4bomb 2man+2 players leaving= 4 bombs.

    A good reference point when bombing Dullahan is to aim around it upper chest area, and just aim a lil higher if you miss when doing the next bomb.

    SirRFI gave a good summery on mechanic and Order5 make a correction and gave great bombing advise in the comment below or just open up the spoiler
    Order5 wrote: »
    SirRFI wrote: »
    I copy-paste following line by line before starting Dullahan:
    Quick summary:
    1) Try to pull him away from the middle early on
    2) Stun in party order when he's going to break the thing in mid
    3) Aim his "collar" with bombs to separate soul
    4) Someone needs to keep ghost busy - away from Dullahan
    5) Get away from boss when red mark appeared on you - ghost will tp
    6) At x4 he will go mid to cast blizzard - back off
    7) Stay inside circle during blizzard
    Seems to help

    It's a little different since that now. Here are some additional specifics to add on to it:
    2) Stun in party order when he's going to break the thing in mid <-- Dullahan will begin marching to the center after you hit bar 7
    4) Someone needs to keep ghost busy - away from Dullahan <-- person has to attack the ghost
    6) At x4 he will go mid to cast blizzard - back off <-- Dullahan will do this twice: at bars 3 and 1

    Also, if you'd like to make additional bombing footage:
    1) On the rotating lasers, it's safer to move inside the safe zone and aim your bomb as high as possible. It may not look like it'll hit on the red laser pointer, but it will.

    2) For the more advanced secondary weapon users - when Dullahan bonds with her soul, position yourself behind her and time your bomb to explode as she turns to face you (the distance from Dullahan that I recommend is about the distance between where you obtain the bombs and the center of the arena). This is incredibly useful to master in solo mode since you only need one bomb to disable the shield. It will still useful in a party, but harder to perform because everyone will have stand in almost the same spot (since you don't know who Dullahan will aggro on to) and it'll require more bombs to disable it (same number as party members).

    3) Also for more advanced users - when Dullahan performs the flying thrust attack (usually the alternative finisher to the "Perfect Guard Flying in Air Spirit Projectile into Slam" and I believe it is a red attack) immediately throw a bomb at her left shoulder after dodging. Her head positions itself there.

    Successful Bombing Videos

    will record Order5 Bombing tip later after the last few bit for the guide is finished.

    Reference Videos

  • Character In Game Back Story for lazy people

    Progress update goes here.

    *I've been brain storming on the best way to do this, so it ended up taking longer then ti should of for the first part Lann. The part is complete. All other character story will follow the same format.

    *Fiona Story added.

    Seem someone else got all of these done while i was at work. I might try getting the rest done later but won't do them as quickly as i was planning on doing them.
  • Character In Game Back Story for lazy people

    The Kid’s Father was once a Famous Gladiator. After a limb, he took to drinking and gambling. The kid’s mom left when she couldn’t take it any more.
    The Merchant dropped a gold coin into his father’s hand.

    Father: That’s it?
    Merchant: Two for a girl, one for a boy.

    Until finally one day, the father sold the child.

    Father: Too bad you weren’t a girl. What a waste of space.

    His father’s final words rung in the kid’s ears. He was only 11 years old.

    Merchant: The child of a gladiator. He might be worth something.

    The Merchant led the kid to the arena. Entertainment for nobles. Battles to the death, for their amusement.
    The kid was teamed with a man named Kaal. Kaal was a swordsman who specialized in using two swords at the same time. When he had time, he taught the kid what he could. The kid came to see Kaal as a father, and Kaal treated the kid like his son. They worked well together, winning against intense odds, and gained the favor of the mass.

    Of course, as they flourished, others began to grumble. The man and the kid were tools meant to entertain their betters. But they were forgetting their place… Gold coins exchanged hands in the dark corners.

    It was the day before the final match. Kaal handed the kid a piece of paper. An address was written on it.

    Kaal: When this match is over, will you go find my son? He’ll be there, at that address. His name is Lann.
    Kid: Lann?
    Kaal: That’s right. It means, “the one who beats the wind and the loneliness.”
    Kid: I’ll find him, I promise.

    The kid didn’t notice the way Kaal’s hands shook.

    It wasn’t until the match began that the kid realized something was wrong. Kaal was smiling at him, even after the fight had started. Kaal let his hands fall, his swords no longer at the ready.

    Kid: Kaal!

    The enemy’s blade slashed across Kaal’s back. The kid cried and cried. But he had a promise to keep. He had to go to Rocheste. He had to deliver the sword and Kaal’s Message...
    The boy he found at the castle wore a guarded expression. They had to be about the same age. The kid handed the pair of swords to the boy.

    Kid: These were your father’s. They’re yours now.
    Boy: My father's?! I don’t want them! Throw them away! I’ve forsaken all memory of my family, even my own name. Go away!

    The boy had given up the name Lann, “the one who beats the wind and the loneliness.” But what about Kaal? Kaal, who had died to save his life? Who had been the father the kid wished he’d had.
    The kid cradled the swords in his arms. A son, abandoned by his father. A father, abandoned by his son.

    Kaal: My son, our family honor has been distroyed, I will die here... But you... You can become a knight. You can restore our family name. You can make our family... You can make me... Proud.
    Kid: I will become the knight and fulfill Kaal’s final request.
    Lann: From now on, my name will be Lann!
    On the southern tip of the continent, in a large barren land untouched by the kingdom's influence...
    A pair of nameless nomad mercenaries gave birth to a wide-eyed, freckled, mischievous girl, and named her Fiona. Her father was the leader of the mercenary group, and her mother was a skilled warrior. Their lives were full of laughter. One day, out of the blue, her mother handed Fiona a shield.

    Mother: You must learn how to protect yourself. You’re old enough now to contribute to the group.

    That very day, with a grin and a leap, Fiona began training with the other mercenaries. They attacked her with wooden swords, and Fiona learned to fend them off with her shield. Every muscle ached when the long day finally ended, but her mother smiled, and never had Fiona felt so happy.

    Mother: Remember. Your enemies will show you no mercy on the battlefield. You must train yourself to be stronger than them.

    Fiona nodded, determined never to forget her mother’s words. Fiona Grew quickly in the barren lands. She grew skilled in the wielding her shield.

    One day, a bear appeared, threatening a nearby town. The mercenaries set out to take it down. They anticipated a tense battle with a giant beast, but when they arrive, the cave was strangely still.
    They made their way inside warily… And found Fiona, wounded but grinning, sitting next to the corpse of the giant beast. She’d even had time to make a fire.

    Fiona: What took you so long, ya big slowpokes? Why don’t you make yourselves useful and help me lug this thing home? I’m starving!

    The other mercenaries ruffled her hair and helped carry the giant beast back to camp. Just like that, the other considered her their equal…

    Father: I can’t understand it… The Fomors have mobilized. What are they trying to accomplish?

    As evening fell, the mercenaries gathered for an emergency meeting.
    An army of Formors was approaching the canyon where they had made their home for the season.
    The Fomors numbered a hundred strong.
    The mercenaries numbered a modest thirty.

    Mother: They’ve gotten bolder. They’re trying to drive human from the south.

    Once the Formors passed through the canyon, everyone in the town on the other side would be doomed.
    If they left now, the mercenaries could save themselves…

    Father: Ha! Nobody is paying us. We don’t have to do this.

    One by one, the mercenaries went around. One by one, each of them chose to stay and fight. No one had hired them. No one would be paying them. They were not fighting for the fame or glory. Nor were they fighting for the goddess. But one by one, they picked up their swords and shield… They put on their armor, and they headed to the mouth of the canyon.

    Father: Don’t let a single one of those bastards pass!
    That was the last order Fiona ever heard from her father.

    ...When the battle ended the Fomor bodies were stacked high. Not a single Fomor made it through. The mercenaries had won!
    But all that Fiona saw was… Thirty graves, marked by swords and shield. A man headed for Rocheste eventually passed by and asked her, shocked.

    Mysterious Man: What is this?! Whose graves are these?
    Fiona: Nobody’s. Not anymore.

    Her voice was soft, her expression indifferent. Fiona eyes were glazed over, but not a single tear fell. She had no more tears. Only dry wind swirled in the canyon of the barren.