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  • It's coming and you can't stop it: RISE Update

    I'm looking forward to everything none endgame related from Rise, and with rng drop related low lvl quest being easier to do, I'll probably decide to reread all the side quest stuff (well the ones that stays) when Miri comes out. Just to see the side character getting developed and fun moments again.

    Everything endgame related just makes me cry, +20, Additional damage on all pieces of gear and it being broken cus of the exponential growth of power the damage formula is based off of, lower enhancement rates for +13 and higher, and boring no potting animation all mmo do and other game do Q.Q.
  • Berbhe Waiting Area Getting to Roof Lynn.


    Hopefully twitch doesnt do it thing and have the vid not work for a bit ^^'
  • would you rather

    I'll rather take the latter. Style over dps. I let the dps junky carry me anyday in all raid while i look pretty letting them carry me.
  • New Server and Events are such a disappointment

    Vallesti wrote: »
    Let's see...
    1. Fishing event giving hundreds of goddess graces, merc pots, element stone materials, and magic elixirs.
    2. Feed the bunny event for free various runes.
    3. Enhance and Enchant bonus and BOGO items.
    Magic elixirs from fishing event helped enchant some of my Arisha's armor with r7 scrolls. Managed to +13 my Lann's spears from +10 in one shot. Got my Arisha's weapon to +12. Girlfriend made two +14 scythes. These gave me a reason to play my other characters more often.
    Hardly worthless events. Keep them coming Nexon.

    The Bunny event is pretty trash with rigged rng, maybe 10 days worth of farming the bunny event might give you 1 enhancement rune and a whole bunch of crap runes. The fishing event on the other hand compared to the easter bunny event is the much better attrative event.

    The main problem with the easter bunny event are two thing, the way you get the item to feed the bunny via boring dailies and the fact that their no guaranteed way of getting what you want and it all just really biased rigged rng. So pretty much just spending most of my time doing the more fair event which is the fishing event. Those who love gambeling probably enjoy the easter bunny event more tho :thinking: not likely tho.

    Lastly the people that benifit most from this event are the free player even tho the rng is pretty terrible for the easter bunny event. Those who play this game with cash probably aren't even wasting their time with these crappy event, the time spent isn't worth the reward obtained. Thus poorly exicuted events.

    But, there are going to be people who disagree, and sure disagree, that part of having an insightful discussion of what make this event worth doing or not doing. Hopfefully this helps nexon work on making better much more rewarding events in the future.
  • Characters that look like people from real life