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  • how to unlock balor fight?

    Complete all main story, then he will unlock as his own "main story arc"
  • Looking for Evie guide

    ah didnt notice this, well better late then never. @Gaiax you can jsut read @NitroLux guide it has the overall dps rotation you wanna try using. I have a slightly different rotation that only benifits from high attack speed and party play. I use both this and the rotation you see in NitroLux guide.

    Also, even tho SaintMage guide is fairly dated, there still alot of info there that relevent. If you want, you can try your luck joining the evie discord and maybe you'll catch SaintMage when they hop on to chatch on that discord server. I also have a very simple overall guide for scythe. I'll go ahead and put step by step thing you should consider when optimizing dps.

    Very basic scythe dps guide I follow:
    1) 3-4 mark snap( uselly bloody thread, mark of death, and wisp. sometime adding the hp drain)
    2) Blink Smash is better when all hits land, if you can't land all hit(cus boss too small) second smash is better.
    3) if you cant continuely land 3-4 marks, boss runs away, or there some down time snap asap for optimal damage(make sure not ot snap when they ahve iframes) Then start the mark process from the start.
    4)cast gate + insane reaper at the same time
    5)spam void if you have excess sp
  • Miri Thoughts?

    Order5 wrote: »
    I initially thought Miri's lack of a vertical knock up move may put her at a disadvantage, but it doesn't seem like she needs one. Also, mobility makes her annoying in PvP, but ultimately she still gets destroyed by two certain classes.

    @Order you have three way to send them up in the air.

    1) The two that @Prototypemind mentioned
    Order5 wrote: »
    I initially thought Miri's lack of a vertical knock up move may put her at a disadvantage, but it doesn't seem like she needs one. Also, mobility makes her annoying in PvP, but ultimately she still gets destroyed by two certain classes.

    Her space + RMB does send enemies airborne, doe, as doe her aoe. Great for controlling mobs.

    2) and you're first none birebreath smash.

    I would like to mention that her two Sp skills regen FireBreath. I'm assuming people haven't mentioned this cus they didn't think it was worth mentioning.

    For the skill sp skill im mentioning (Each of them recharge enough firebreath to do two combo)

    1) Blazing Spine (Cost 250 sp). This one is spamable and is a good sp sink since Miri really does get overwelmed with sp quickly. This attack can hit up to 3 times aswell. Once with the casting swing and two from the blue flame part. (It possible im might be wrong with the 3 hit, but that what i see :D )

    2) Slice and Dice (Cost 500 sp). This skill, imo, is your strongest attack in your dps kit. It has a long cd but worth the use for it damage and firebreath regen. I even go as far as jsut using it for it damage and forgoing the regen aspect of the attack. This attack also is able to stagger an enemy upto two time. Landing both attack optimize the damage but that easier said then done.

    @Rezi I mostly disagree with most of your point but that just very minor thing not worth talking about. The first point you made is valid and i would like for that attack to have two hit lika boomerange.
    Rezi wrote: »
    9. I personally feel as if 1000 SP for Dragon Knight is way too much. I really don't like it requiring SP at all, and it would be better if it just drained Stamina. An alternative would be it giving unlimited SP in return for a full dragonflame bar, rather than 1000 SP for constant dragonflame. In any case, it just feels off.

    tl;dr for the next part. 1k sp is fine, Miri sp regen is good enough for the cost of dragon from trans or even higher then other characters and for long run you'll be swiming in sp.

    I don't find this to be much of a problem. Miri sp gain is fairly high and the cost for tranforming into dragon form, I find reasonable. I find it as more of an sp sink since her sp gain is higher then other character I've played before. Also for long run like Neamhain once you're done with your dragon form, you'll have capped sp, which isn't that hard to spend up if you know what you're doing.
    DeadlyAsh wrote: »
    what you think of the new class people call it a no brainier some saying its to easy some says to fun. what is it for you?

    As for the main topic, I find her easy to play. The most enjoyable thing i find with her is spamming her sprint move while ins dragon form. Spin2Win is also fun to do aswell, just watching yourself spam move and not give a care about if you'll get hit or not that entertaining every so often.
  • Armor set Top determine pant color?

    yeah but the idea is to get rid of the armor when the skill is used, outfit doesn't do that so why im going for reg armor set /^^'
  • Daily Missions

    10 sp skill use: For quick SP gain for lil time and effort, you can do Hero Leo or Giant, those will spawn hero mobs for extra sp gain.