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  • New Player Gearing "Guide" [Work in progress]

    You hit level 90-100 and don't know how to gear yourself up like the other veteran players out there. This guide is to help players understand the current end game crafting system, recommend enchanting progression, and give a general idea on how to achieve end game stats.

    Edit: The free gear you get from getting to level 90 is your place holder gear, you will want to make new weapon and armor to replace it. You can't enhance this gear or make it better so, you're force to replace it. EDIT: The new level 90 +12 set will help you be able to do lvl 95 raids.

    Old Info
    Starting off, level 95 and level 90 gear both will get you to the end result with stats. level 95 gear give you access to rank 6 scrolls, weapon provide 15 extra crit, 3k more damage compared to level 90 weapon but at the cost of having a lower balance stat compared to level 90 weapon. So both have their pros and con. ( Eventually you might want to go for lvl 95 gear or wait for lvl 100 gear to come out)
    Starting off, with lvl 100 gear out, it is recommended to work toward a level 100 weapon with lvl 95 or 100 armor peices.
    *You can also work toward a +13 lvl 95 weapon as a temp weapon but not reccommened (only for those who want to take the long rout to gearing).

    Quick Overview of Steps
    Old info
    1. Get Orange weapon to +13 lvl 90 weapon or +11-+13 lvl 95 weapon
    2. Get Orange Armor to at least +10 level 90 or 95
    3. Enchant your Accessories, Armor, and Weapon
    4. Work on these one at a time and slowly replace your free lvl 90 armor and weapon with the better version you worked on.
    5. Lastly use power infusion on your gear to add extra stats on it
    1. Get a Full Orange lvl 100 weapon to +10 or higher and enchanted
    2. Get Orange lvl 95 or lvl 100 armor to +10 atleast and enchanted. [lvl 95 armor are cheaper to make and reforge recommended 3 lvl 95 armor and 2 lvl 100 armor]
    3. Get newest accesories to replace place holder accessories and enchant them.
    4. Work on these one at a time and slowly replace your free lvl 90 armor and weapon with the better version you worked on.
    5. Reforge Weapon till +15
    6. Reforge Armor till +15
    7. Lastly use power infusion on your gear to add extra stats on it as needed.
    Step 7 is done while working step 5 and 6 and can be finished before either of step 5 and 6 being completed.

    For an indepth look into Power and Tech and how to obtain them look at @LoLoBooty guide, Increasing your Power & Tech.

    For more indepth info for enhancing you can check the enhancement post by

    same for enchant by @SirRFI

    Side Note Additional Damage is given via enhancement lvl of your armor or weapon, there a chart somewhere with specific number, thus the requirement to make sure your gear is at least +10

    Quick Cheap Accessories Switch Once you Reach Level 80+
    Crescent Moon Announcement for str char
    Crescent Moonlight Ring for Int char

    Pirate Earrings for str chars.
    For int you will already have your best cheap earring by the time you hit this point so don't worry about it.

    Peridot Belt for str chars
    Amethyst Belt for int chars

    Ruler's Brooch for str chars
    Same as earring you will already have the best cheap earring at this point for int chars

    Another choice for both int and str char is Erg Core Brooch to get the extra 200 def at the cost of one bal

    Lastly getting a cheap Bracelet will help with getting some small stat increase.

    End Game Accessories to Work Towards
    Crafted by Brynn: Mats requires Mecha's Essence and 2xSmooth Legendary Ore

    Blue Kitty Brooch gives 1 crit
    White Kitty Brooch gives 2 attack speed
    Obtained randomly from Warm Welcome boxes

    Choose which ever stats you want more crit or attack speed from a brooch

    Recently added Red Moon Brooch has both Blue and White Kitty Brooch crit and attack speed stats
    Obtained by buying it off of Exchange shop. Requires 65 Redeemer Seals.
    *To obtain redeemer Seal you need to have 100% of the Neamhain or balor bar filled. 1 seal for less then 20% damage done; 2 Seal for 20-less then 35% damage done; 3 Seals for 35% or more damage done.

    Crafted by Brynn: Mats requires Elchulus's Essence and 2x Smooth Legendary Ore

    Necklace(NX slot)
    Blue Kitty Necklace
    Kitty Necklace
    White Kitty Necklace
    Obtained randomly from Warm Welcome box

    End game ring have a set bonus so make sure to get 1 of each type of int or str ring.
    Crafted by Brynn type 1: Mat Requires Dullahan's Essence and 2x Smooth Legendary Chunk
    Crafted by Brynn type 2: Mat Requires Aes Sidhe's Essence and 2xSmooth Legendary Chunk

    Crafted by Brynn

    Enchant Scrolls for Accessories
    For all Accessories
    Passion and Significant ES are nice es to put on accessories if you have open spots on your accessories for your build.
    89nliEy.jpg DIOVmr7.jpg
    Fast ES is great for stacking attack speed and depending on the build you're going for you will use between 2-4 of these ES in your build.
    J2D55AL.jpg 0eIRE23.jpg
    Berserker ES is also a must have scroll, the stamina regen aspect of the scroll is extremely useful. The regen buff does not stack so having only one in your build is good enough.

    For Belt
    Petite ES will be your place holder until you can stick a Subdue ES on your gear
    O6e5wBp.jpg VyErP1r.jpg

    For Rings
    Sparkling Will be your placeholder till you can get The Dead ES to stick on your rings
    The Dead ES Stats(Didn't have a picture of the ES)
    +5 Bal; +5% Crit Resist; Str reduced 40; Hp Reduced 450

    For Books

    For Shields and Focus

    level 90-100 Weapon and Armor Crafting Info
    You can craft level 90-100 armor/weapon via Dianann in Rochest Magician's Guild. You need to have completed the story version of Regina and finish the crafting quest to gain access to this (After Rise update). Once you unlock this you need to unlock the recipes. In order to do this, complete the none-story version of the corresponding raid you want the gear from. So Braha will give you Braha recipes , Regina will give you Regina recipes so on and so forth.

    1. The material to craft these gear are obtained through battle. For Weapon and Armor Essences (Primary Parts), you get these from doing the raids(Story version and reg version).
    2. To get Shards (lvl90 secondary Parts) you need to do regular run between Ben Chenner-the non winter version of Berbhe runs(Ones tied to Abomination Raid).
    3. For Chunks (lvl95 secondary Parts) need to do the winter version of Berbhe run (ones that are tied to Dullahan Raid area)

    Once you unlock and obtained all your material via grinding or buying off market you go to Dianann and start crafting. Crafting is refered to as item Composite. Just go check which mats you need, get them, and craft. Simple straight to the point.

    Now that we are done with the basic we can start with more "complicated" part. Shards and Essences have rarity, there is rare (Orange) and normal (Purple). Purple parts have one set stats shared per shard/essence type. While orange shard/essence have a range of stats that is determined randomly per type. Your goal is to get all stats to close to max, some stats are more important then others.

    Replacing Shards/Chunks/Essences
    This is mostly used to replace shard/essences from purple(normal) tier to orange(rare tier), but it doesn't stop a person from swapping one orange for another.

    There is one thing that is effected from switching essences.

    IF YOU SWITCH A PURPLE MAIN/ESSENCE TO AN ORANGE MAIN/ESSENCE THE ENHANCEMENT OF THE GEAR WILL RESET TO ZERO. Switching between orange ESSENCE/MAIN part to another orange WILL NOT reset the enhancement of the gear.

    If you switch purple shard/chunk to orange shard nothing will reset.

    For Enchants, switching shards/chunks or essence/main part will not get rid of the enchant on the gear.

    Here an image of where to get to this option.
    You got an orange shard/chunk/essence on your gear and not satisfied with the stats you got on them, no need to worry that what material synthesis comes into play.

    Material Synthesis
    Important stats: Bal; Crit; Attack Speed; Attack Limit Release

    Useful Stats but not high priority: Crit Resist; M/att; Wil; Str; Int; Defence

    Material Synthesis lets you increase the stats of orange shard/chunk/essences to it max. Once a shard/chunk/essence stats are maxed it will let you add attack release to a max per part.

    The material needed to do this are different between shard/chunk, essence, attack removal types. There will be 3 different types in the image but not all types.
    Enchant over view. Level 95-100 orange gear can use rank 6 and lower scroll; level 90 orange gear can use rank 7 and lower scrolls; purple gear can use rank 8 and lower scrolls. Scroll tier goes as follow 6>7>8>9>A>and so on. All gear can have one prefix and suffix.

    Work in Progress After this point
    There is a few new scroll, so want to make sure this part right. Also taking a break from this for now. Will finish asap. Also will do some fixes here and there to make it more "professional." and clean.

    Enchant Scrolls for Weapons
    Rank 8-9
    These scroll are good for place holder until you can upgrade to Rank 6/7 Scrolls
    tswv8cg.jpg c7RgKIr.jpg
    kVjXO8M.jpg TEwKJkh.jpg

    Rank 7
    c2nHpl9.jpg n8n6O9S.jpg

    Rank 6

    Rank 8-9

    Valor and Bloodlust ES are really great scroll, decent amount of end game players use these scroll for their end game build, can stick with these or upgrade to rank 7 scrolls
    sFiWCYS.jpg zpsA4bn.jpg

    Rank 7
    YirEOBj.jpg pUE0pF8.jpg

    Enchant Scrolls for Armor
    All Armor type
    1Ufsmll.jpg 6bFGIlh.jpg H7csOcX.jpg

    Well Balanced Force are good prefix suffix for your gear if you jsut wanna quickly pop something on it. Well Balanced ES is a great replacement ES as a prefix for Chest piece, this is more geared toward attack speed build, replacing Temporal ES
    Nhhtghc.jpg 8KNctQF.jpg
    Enthusiastic ES is great for head and pant piece but can be used on all armor pieces. This is more for attack speed build to help with stacking Fast ES.

    Head and Pants
    2xrHmGT.jpg 5F8IoWY.jpg

    Master ES is the best suffix for chest piece hand down you can go a risk it with Stigma ES but most player will stick with Master ES over risking their Chest piece blowing up.
    1AeSp4V.jpg JBiMkQA.jpg
    Best prefix for chest unless you going for an attack speed build then Well Balance might be an ES of interest.

    Gloves and Feet
    tDjYWy8.jpg eybpBRz.jpg

    Power Infusion
    Most important stats for accesories and weapon: Attack Speed; Balance; and Crit

    Power Infusion is used to give extra stats on gear. You go to Melina and talk to Videk. The hardest stats to stick are the 3 important stats already stated.

    If a gear has the stat on it naturally as it defualt stat, then that give you a higher chance of getting those stats. So getting crit on an item with crit will be more likely then if you want crit on an item that doesn't naturally have the stat.

    You're more likely to get negative crit, attack speed, and bal then getting a positive value of those. Thus the last thing you work on in your build since its the most expensive part of gear building and is extremely rng (the bad kind >:) ).

    A member of the vindi community already calculated the chances of getting a crit stat on a gear with or without the stat being naturally on the item and the chances are slim.

    The item required to do power infusion are Element Stone 60-80 equipment and Intermediate Element Stone lvl 90-110 equipment.

    Here an image of power infusion in action.

    To craft the stone require, just go to any profession stall and craft it there. You can also get them randomly from Warm Welcome Boxes.

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