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  • http://vindictus.nexon.net/news/40559/regarding-the-grimden-registration-event
  • I tried to translate this with my minimal knowledge in the language. Left out the non-Guild updates in the patch notes. Might translate them later, but it might be on the
  • Guild houses will likely be modular. I assume you'll be able to purchase furniture to customize to your liking. With that, you could hopefully choose only the features that are lore-friendly. The furniture system probably works similarly to the gach…
  • Hunter00000 wrote: » release date NA? Going by previous character/weapon release dates and Nexon NA's pattern, we can assume he arrives around December and latest January. We usually get major content updates around six months after KR region …
  • Remember when all you had to worry about was getting the battle done within the time limit and not who out-ranks you or who you could out-rank.
  • Gacha I believe is called Divine Crystal --Price-- 1x - 1.9k won 11x - 19k won 28x - 47k won 58x - 95k won --Coupon Exchange Shop-- Neamhain Wings - 450 Coupons Special Neamhain Set - 450 Coupons Special Lugh Lamhfada Set - 450 Coupons …
  • As SirRFI already stated, it's only the finale episode of Season 3. I've heard this rumor going around that it's the final episode of the overall game and I don't know how this started, but it's completely not true; there's no official word that it …
  • --Snip-- Nvm, it's already posted. He looks pretty awesome. You can see his block skill, possibly stun, and obviously teleportation. From the looks of it, similar to Glaive Lynn's perhaps.
  • To start my post, I am iAdelle, an Evie of the NA sever and originally from West. 1. How did you find about Vindictus? Late in the year of 2010, I was out looking for a new game to play with two friends. That is when I came upon Vindictus' web…
  • Menrva wrote: » Now watch the girl version of the raid's armor be skimpy anyway. Surprisingly not at all. Boob-plate aside, it's actually a pretty good armor set that looks like actual armor.
  • I'm fine with what we have for now and I'd also spend hours in the avatar shop had we been given more sliders. I would welcome more options though. Although, two things that I want to point out; 1. The hair length slider was something that we've w…
  • I'll have to disagree with the bit about armor. There are definitely bad ones and at the end of the day it's a matter of what appeals most to each person, but there are a lot of sets that look good as a whole and then there are sets with pieces you …
  • Credits go to Cube from
  • Order5 wrote: » Is her name still spelled with "!". I think it's changed, but Idk. I haven't really paid attention to the NPC names.
  • Claire
  • SirRFI wrote: » Interesting. Believe or not, not everyone uses FB or wants their personal accounts related to games. Personally I am disgusted by this type of social media, but I don't blame any company following that trend for extra interaction o…
  • Just thought I'd add that as of recent, Vindi's PR has been asking for feedback on social media and even responding back. You can take that as you will as I'm sure there will be conspiracy theories and whatnot, but the past two recent optimizatio…
  • No offense, but this is like fifth(?) time someone's claimed a new game is Vindictus 2.0 and it didn't feel that way each time. I might give it a try when I've got nothing to do though.
  • Jinyie wrote: » + Add Normal and PP Neam to quick battle + Add MP to Berbhe PP Redeemers were removed in KR as well as Guild Redeemers, but I can get behind this.