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  • The Grimden Registration Event has ended.

  • Guild Housing update

    I tried to translate this with my minimal knowledge in the language. Left out the non-Guild updates in the patch notes.
    Might translate them later, but it might be on the Unnoficial Vindictus Discord first if I do as with all other stuff I report.

    9/20 Guild House Update
    - Guild Funds -
    ・ Added "Guild Funds" to Guild window.
    ・ You can donate your own gold to the guild through [Donate Guild Fund] button.
    ・ You can also check the guild member's contribution history at the "Guild Member" tab.
    ・ Guild Fund is used for house purchase and house management fees.
    ・ Donated gold is permanently attached to the guild and can not be returned.

    - Guild House -
    1. Added "Guild House" tab to Guild window.
    ・ You can purchase the house from the "Guild House" tab as well as check the status. (20k GP and 50 mill Gold.)
    ・ The Guild Master and Admins can manage the house through "Administration" tab.
    ・ If you have a guild house, the management fee will be automatically paid every 30 days. If you pay continuously, you will receive up to 20% discount at any time. (The monthly fee is 10 mill Gold.)
    2. New Map "Guild House"
    ・ You can enter and exit via "Guild House" tab.
    ・ Depending on your environment, you can pose new interactions such as lying down, riding a tube, or drinking cocktail.
    ・ Furniture with special functions such as "Resenlian's Doll" and "Vending Machine" can be used only after "Unsealing Furniture".
    ・ Achieving the Guild Goal, you can complete the house step by step through the mission "Upgrade House". You can enter the basement from the 3rd level.
    ・ You can use "Guild Shop" to buy items related to the Guild House.
    3. Add "Guild Supper"
    ・ You can use it at the Banquet Hall in the Guild House.
    ・ You can earn a status effect if you eat after the dinner is prepared.
    ・ Guild supper dishes can be obtained through "Guild Shop" or Cooking profeciency.
    4. Add "Guild Farm"
    ・ You can use the Guild Farm in the Garden on the left side of the Guild House.
    ・ You can plant Luminary and Ore crops in the field slot of the farm.
    ・ The growth gauge of the crop grows over time and when you water the crops with the secondary weapon "sprinkler", the growth gauge rises further.
    ・ When the growth gauge is full, the harvest is opened and the guild can directly harvest it. The harvested items are automatically stored in the "Guild Stack"
    ・ Harvesting harvested crops will reduce the viability of the crops.
    ・ Crops and Sprinklers can be purchased at the Guild Shop.

    - Guild Other -
    ・ In the Guild Info window, add Guild House info.
    ・ Add an eight tab in the guild bin.
    ・ Add Guild Supper ingredients to NPC Caryl.

  • New Raid/Level 100 and more.

    Credits go to Cube from Vindictus Unofficial Discord ran by Tenko

    Image 1
    As teased last May update preview, the last story of Season 3 will come with Season 3 Chapter 3 Episode 2 in July update.

    Image 2
    (Text on Image)
    Season 3 Final Episode + Additional Update

    Also in July, we will be releasing additional updates with the Episode update.
    In this Developers' Communication, we will be announcing parts of the additional updates in July.

    Image 3
    First of all, with the new episode, the level cap will be increased to Lv. 100.
    We will also add new raid and gear befitting the new level cap.

    Image 4
    Lv. 100 equipments can be crafted through combining [Sealed Power] and [New Composition Materials].

    Image 5
    Materials needed for Material Synthesis of Lv. 100 equipment remain same as those of Lv. 90-95, but to increase ATT Limit, players require [Mysterious(Abyssal) Shard Grade 2]

    Image 6
    [Mysterious(Abyssal) Shard Grade 2] can either be obtained through combining three Grade 1, or from Royal Army Raid.

    Image 7
    With the new equipments, enhancing system will also be revamped.

    Image 8
    First, to remove the burden of enhancing, if a specific item fails to enhance, players will be given bonus success chances for each fails.
    Also, if an item fails to enhance multiple times in a row, players will be granted 100% success chance.
    This will be true for equipments until +15.

    Image 9
    Through Ferghus, players will be able to use [Recovery Smelting] which will make items that has been restored enhancable once again.
    This will only be for items under +15.

    Image 10
    (Text on Image)
    Damascus Iron

    To use the [Recovery Smelting], players will require few materials. One of them is [Damascus Iron].
    [Damascus Iron] will be available through Competition Mode, certain raids, and other in-game contents.

    Image 11
    Other than the information we displayed today, we are working on many other things. We will be working our best before we will release the contents.
    We hope for your further interest in the future.

  • We can change Vin's fate!

    Just thought I'd add that as of recent, Vindi's PR has been asking for feedback on social media and even responding back.

    You can take that as you will as I'm sure there will be conspiracy theories and whatnot, but the past two recent optimizations (network and UI) along with this is notable and surprising to say the least. I'm sure many of you will call it a last-ditch effort or pointless, but better later than never.

    Although, I'd also prefer more communication on the forums.

  • KR Lightings

    It doesn't work with every action I should mention. Evie's Action #2 works better than #4.