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  • Post me some cutie Evies

  • New male character coming!

    release date NA?

    Going by previous character/weapon release dates and Nexon NA's pattern, we can assume he arrives around December and latest January.
    We usually get major content updates around six months after KR region gets them.

    Nyxio wrote: »
    Do we know yet if he's STR or INT based? (Not sure if its out there, haven't seen it)

    I've been told by multiple sources, KR players, that he is STR-based.
  • Remember when

    Remember when all you had to worry about was getting the battle done within the time limit and not who out-ranks you or who you could out-rank.
  • Vindictus - Getting to know the playerbase

    To start my post, I am iAdelle, an Evie of the NA sever and originally from West.

    1. How did you find about Vindictus?

    Late in the year of 2010, I was out looking for a new game to play with two friends. That is when I came upon Vindictus' website which featured two characters; Lann and Fiona. It was still in very early phases, but the concept was enough to pull us in. It was something unlike any other MMO and it may very well still be. One could argue that the combat can be compared to other games, but none were MMO; at least for that era.

    2. How long have you been playing?

    I've been playing since Vindictus NA's inception in beta around September of 2010.

    3. Who was your first character?

    My first character was the shield-maiden, Fiona. She was a fun character in that time; however very slow. In time, I've moved on to the third character, Evie, who I still play and enjoy to this day.

    4. What would you consider your greatest achievement?

    My greatest achievement has always been the guilds I've had the honor to watch grow. From the darkest times and to the greatest of times, I've felt proud of my guild and consider it my greatest achievement in this game. I could list my boss solos and even gear achievements, but they do not compare to a community I've had the pleasure of building and continue growing. That said, I won't take all the credit for it as we wouldn't be where we are without everyone who has been and are in Luminosity.

    5. Favorite color scheme to use on equipment?

    Those who may have come across me at least once would probably already know the answer, but to answer without saying the obvious:
    I love having a small touch of maroon or magenta with my sets as it compliments the color scheme I love using; black and pink. Two simple colors is a very easy route to take, but it will bore you eventually. This is why on some outfits, I do add a little bit of those colors. Maybe some white. You can't go wrong with neutral colors most of the time.

    6. Favorite dungeon?

    A hard pick I will say. While I've ran all these dungeons for years now, it is hard to choose. However, I'll pick a raid. One of my favorite raids for sure is The Evil One featuring the boss Lionotus and Verafim.

    To give reason, it is one of those raids that asked for teamwork and not in the most annoying way either. It made the players actually think and plan ahead. Going in without a plan back then resulted into very long raids and even failure, but with The Evil One, you were expected to lure him to the edge of the cliff, bomb him properly when he faces away from the cliff, and as he is clinging onto the edge, you would smash his paws and face to send him falling. The fall damage was the main factor of the raid and one of the reasons why it was a great raid. Just slashing away at the boss mindlessly becomes old and boring eventually and this made it more fun.

    Sadly, that raid is now long been outdated. Even by season 2, the usual strategies were not necesarry anymore and that's how it usually is. That said, the current DevCAT could learn something from that raid.

  • New Raid/Level 100 and more.

    Menrva wrote: »
    Now watch the girl version of the raid's armor be skimpy anyway.

    Surprisingly not at all. Boob-plate aside, it's actually a pretty good armor set that looks like actual armor.