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February 27, 1992
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I'm just a chill and casual player from the closed beta days.
  • Old Karok Video

    Ask and you shall receive
  • Fps Help/Suggestions?

    Loyals wrote: »
    Cloakshire wrote: »
    It's because you're using an old FX series CPU from AMD. The game is heavily CPU reliant and doesn't really leverage your GPU.

    Upgrade to Ryzen. I was on an fx 8150 and I had to deal with super laggy frame rates to the point where I couldn't even do Aes. I upgraded to a ryzen 2700X and I've never looked back.

    Oh ok thank you! I'm assuming with your ryzen 2700x you get stable 50-60 fps?

    Pretty much. Here's my thread I made after I upgraded: http://forums.vindictus.nexon.net/discussion/14367/ryzen-2nd-gen-performance-ram-test
  • Why can't I just invite people to QB/RAR?

    For once, I agree with you.

    Maybe they can tweak QB and give it a guild priority option. Like make it so that when you launch a QB, you have an additional checkbox you can tic. Doing so causes your QB notification to only go to guildies at first. After about ~30 or so seconds, it re-sends a notification out to the rest of the server.

    This does three things.
    Prioritizes your guildmates & lets them join w/o worry of their spots being taken (which is what you want)
    Still sends out a server wide msg after a bit to fill out empty slots in the party not taken by guildies.
    Still lets you benefit from the +1 drop that QB gives.

    While they're at it, bring back the guild bonus that gives +x amount of LUK based on how many guildmates are in the same party.
  • NEXON = About Guilds...

    FlameSama1 wrote: »
    Dude I could make posts hourly and there's absolutely ZERO goddamn way we're ever getting literally millions of guild points like you have, apparently. There's several skills that are around 5k each for a week, times 52 weeks is 260,000 GP, and there's a few skills that are 5k...

    Don't just recruit through posts. We did the following:
    -Kept eyes on the now former lvl 90 quest raids for new players to see if they were un-guilded.
    -Any time we'd see an unguilded player in town lvl 20+, we'd usually grab them.
    -Scour the rankings for unguilded players.
    -Tag along with randoms in s2 through their questing to build relationships and offer the invite.
    -Inspect low title count lvl90+ character's and go out of our way to offer help & advice for their gearing and progression. (We even do this one to people in other guilds. Some people have left their guilds and come to us b/c they see how we went out of our way to offer advice to them when their guild did not).
    -GL posts recruitment & guild event stuff in discord to garner recognition.
    -Some of us produce content (streaming/YT) and when players see the guild affiliation they have an inclination to check us out.
    -If we noticed someone struggling in a raid or complaining in server chat, we'd reach out and offer advice which would lead to GK being considered by the individuals we help. (Remember when you complained about Cromm in server chat; I was one that reached out to you).

    FlameSama1 wrote: »
    Like she linked above, there's around 400 people who play this game on Steam, and even if you're incredibly generous and say that the Nexon Launcher has 800, that's still 1,200 people MAX

    You really need to learn how to read a steam chart. There is not around 400 people that play on steam. Valve collects the total number of players online every 60 minutes. The 415 people you're referring to is from 04/12/2020 where we peaked at 415 players online at 2PM CST. It does not take into account the number of individual and differentiated players that log on/off throughout the day. But hey, I like some stats, so let me examine the peaks, troughs, and counts for that day and give you a potential number of individual players instead of just a peak time number that you're misinterpreting.
    You cannot assume that the same people logging off throughout the day are the exact same people that log in. You have to take your starting number of players for the day and add every total increase to it throughout the day to find the total number of potential individual players. Assuming I did it right, we had closer to a potential 500 individual players log in that day, granted they were not logged in at the same time obviously. This is still a very conservative estimatiion though as steam only tracks player count every 60 minutes and therefore does not track people that log in and out between their count scans. So there's potentially more than my conservative 471.

    FlameSama1 wrote: »
    Right now, fresh off of a content update, there's 500 people. Now this evening it might go even higher but I doubt it cracks 1,000 players even. My point stands that there's basically zero chance of ever getting anywhere near that level of production of GP, I don't care if I recruited hourly every day.

    Then just like against Cromm, you've given up. I handed you our recruitment techniques to help increase your guild count and by extension GP. Buckle down & get to it rather than complaining. Don't rely on Nexon to make the game easier. Don't say there's zero chance "IF" you try something unless you've tried it before. Make an actual effort in your recruitment endeavors and you might be surprised. Once you get people in, it's all about engagement to keep them going. You said before that the only reason you play is b/c your friend does. Well, similar to how your friend keeps you playing, try bonding with newer players so that you can become their reason for playing.
  • @Nexon: Walling off NA?

    aylbdr wrote: »

    Just because your thread was long, I didn't feel like including it in a quote nor splitting it up into multiple quotes to which I'd reply. However, since you ordered your points into eight nice and neat paragraphs, allow me to bullet point my eight replies to yours.

    • Yeah, going out of my way to nitpick something I apparently failed to understand *more on that later* compared to just chiming in with something more supportive/voicing disagreement towards nexon would have done more help. I get that, but at the same time, I think that you could have done more help by not bringing race/skin color into an issue where it has no place. I said before that race =/= geographical location or nationality. Being banned for playing from Argentina =/= banned for being Argentinian.

    • You said that your friends from Argentina got hit for playing outside of NA whereas your other friends from everywhere else in the world are fine. Let's first establish playing on NA from an outside region typically requires a VPN, and players utilize these VPN's to bypass region restrictions. So at the end of the day they're circumventing what Nexon has in place to prevent. Wouldn't it be equally fair to assume that the method your friends in Argentina were using to bypass the region restrictions are simply no longer able to fly under the radar? And subsequently their accounts were detected to have been connecting from outside of the intended region? Which begs the question of how much longer your other friends from elsewhere can continue to fly under the radar? I mean realistically speaking, do you think that there's someone at Nexon HQ that said, "Hmmm... I think we're gonna screw over the Argentinians today?" I doubt it.

    • I agree that the main issues with lag come from the weak servers, and it's neat that some of your Argentine friends can host better than your NA friends. However, there will always be exceptions like yours, but I would say that the general likelihood of experiencing latency issues is much higher when connecting to people outside of NA's supported regions. This is the logical reason I concluded for when people are nixed for not playing within NA. Nexon's trying to reduce the second-most probable cause of latency issues which happens to be foreign players even though I still do not agree with it. Instead of banning people outside of NA, they could try investing in beefing up their servers but nope, they wanna take the cheap & easy way :(

    • There's a fine line between making an accusation and making an implication just like there's a fine line between the phrase, "no better than," which is what you said and, "if for no reason other than," which is probably what you were trying to convey. Irregardless, the turn of phrase means that you're acknowledging the existence of other reasons which you are currently unaware of, but you believe that your stated reason is the main one. I choose my words carefully too, and even if what you said was a mere implication, I'll reiterate that race/skin color has no place in this discussion nor should it have been included in your OP; at least in my opinion. I also do not see the logic in how you skipped over various possible reasons, and jumped straight to skin color.

    • I agree that what they're doing is the opposite of good for the game. By blocking players that want to play/support Vindictus, Nexon is literally shooting themselves in the foot. A lower player count means less revenue which leads to a degradation in game quality, and ends up effecting the people that can play. You're right in saying that everyone is affected, but I don't see how you're coming to the conclusion that it could be b/c of race. Is everyone in Argentina brown? No. Does nexon request your ethnicity when you create an account? No. Therefore I conclude that it doesn't have to do with skin color. Sometimes companies just do dumb stuff that doesn't make any logical sense on the surface, and sometimes not even under the surface. Also... c'mon, this is Nexon we're talking about.

    • There's only one person I can think of that fits your description of blatantly racist. I remember seeing posts here a while ago about a racist Vindy discord mod. Ellie I think it was? If that is the person you're referencing, then I don't think they were hired by Nexon. Last time I checked, the discord mods are simply volunteers that aren't on Nexon's payroll, and have no power other than your average discord mod + the ability to have a higher priority when it comes to reaching Nexon. If I've got the wrong person, then I dunno who you're talking about. Regarding your little comment about the current racial climate here in America, I'll just mark this as a spoiler for you to read if you'd like.
      I personally don't believe that we have a climate of extreme racism. I'm not saying we don't have it here and there, but it's not extreme. What I see today is that everyone is so obsessed and concerned with what color that are, their sex, sexual orientation, and what group they belong to. These aspects of a person are not important. The only thing that should matter is WHO you are as an individual, not WHAT. Over the years, we made great strides in overcoming our history and progressed towards judging others by their character and who they were because that is truly how you define someone. In current day, it seems like we're taking steps backwards. My only guess is that many people in the current generation feel like their character alone isn't is special enough, and so they've taken to these identity prefixes to get a hollow sense of self-worth & importance. Whenever this hollow sense gets shattered, they get upset and call whatever -ism lines up with their invalidated "what." They conflate who and what which doesn't work out in the end, but I'm not too worried. They'll grow up eventually. I'm part of this generation btw; I'm twenty-eight, and I'm ashamed to be a Millennial based on how most of us act today.

    • I don't think Nexon's incapable of bad behavior. I just don't think that they're acting on the basis of skin color like you've contemplated & implied.

    • I do not agree with Nexon on this matter. Acknowledging a reason for something you disagree with doesn't mean you're partially in agreement. It is possible to see the other side of an issue without taking it. The reason I took great exception to you thinking that an issue in an obscure MMO might be driven by race lies in the simple fact that you went there. You could have sat down & taken five minutes to come up with a more probable reason, but instead you jumped straight to race because it's an easy excuse. The reason I detest when people do this is because it has the potential to indirectly perpetuate actual racism. Morgan says it best here (https://youtu.be/Mh8mUia75k8?t=36). Race-baiting has many definitions surprisingly, so let me clarify the way I meant it which is Using implications of racial discrimination and/or disparity to support one's disagreement/issue with another. I would say that this definition lines up with the part of your OP I took issue with. Lastly, am I racist? Hmmm, well I do laugh at off-color humor as well as stereotype jokes, but that's only because I have a sense of humor and know when it's appropriate to make/laugh at said jokes. But to answer your direct question of if I am; No I am not. (After working many years in the retail scene, you come to hate everyone equally :p)