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February 27, 1992
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I'm just a chill and casual player from the closed beta days.
  • Fatigue System - Ideas on ways to recover

    Vladino wrote: »
    I can't find anything possitive about fatigue system, can you?

    It gives me time to go enjoy the new Re:Mind DLC for Kingdom Hearts at least. I dunno if you'd consider that a positive tho :p
  • Server is dead.

    Wait a minute. You're Adra? +hello fellow GhostKnight

    Also, nice server chat catch right there XD. Tankbaby never ceases to amuse me.
  • How do so many people have high level weapons?

    TheNewKai wrote: »
    [is there a limit to how many times an item can be reforged? Or does the cost to reforge go up(more mats?)

    No, there is not a limit in terms of what you're probably asking.

    A reforge costs the following
    -Damascus Steel (Amount determined by weapon level and enhancement level).
    -An Orange weapon core of the same level
    -Two Chunks/Ores that were used to compose the weapon
    -An enhancement rune (The unstable one via seal shop works best).

    Upon booming your weapon, you then revive it. While in a revived state, it cannot be enhanced further. This is where you must reforge & make the weapon enhanceable again. After that, you try again to plus it. If it fails again, you repeat the process.

    There is a failstack system in place that increases the success odds for your next attempt should you fail & consecutive failures create bigger bonuses. These bonuses can go up to 100% success rate so even if you're the unluckiest person in the world, you're eventually guaranteed to succeed. The number of fails needed to reach 100% is proportional to what the weapon's current enhancement level is. Example: A +10 -> +11 can only fail 4 times before hitting 100% success where as +14 -> +15 requires twelve fails to reach 100%.

    You can read up more about it here: https://vindmanual.forumotion.com/t201-season-3-chapter-3-episode-2-and-level-100
  • Whose a good solo character?

    LS Fiona, TS Vella, and GS Hurk would by my top picks for solo'ing.

    Game's only dead in the early levels due to content nerfs. You won't see people till up in the lvl 90-100 content ranges. 1-89 is dead and made to solo now.
  • 8 years and finally Korea voices added thank you!!

    Wow you got super defensive over nothing.

    And you have a habit of assuming what people mean versus taking what they say literally.