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I'm just a chill and casual player from the closed beta days.
  • Curious?

    Going off of what I've gathered

    1 per so many minutes.
    7 per dungeon clear.
    20 per dungeon clear IF it's a multi-boss dungeon such as Cadet Ceremony. (As long as there's 2+ bosses)
    20 per floor clear in Abyssal Arena
    100 per time your character levels up.
  • Change to guild crops - surely a mistake right?

    Well then my apologies for the misinformation then. Coulda swore that's how it was supposed to work.
  • Change to guild crops - surely a mistake right?

    chicane wrote: »
    No harvested mats go into guild storage - harvester gets some & some are mailed to a *random* guild member.

    This change is terrible !!!

    Say what?
  • hi im new

    New player with 89 forums posts?
  • New player go for +15 dullahan or Astera

    To quote myself from another thread.

    Cloakshire wrote: »
    For now, let's look at just the weapons. Enhancing an Astera Weapon vs a Dulla Weapon in terms of cost. Let's also assume that you will succeed after reforging half the required amount of times to reach the 100% success rate. (EX: +14->15 takes 12 fails to reach 100%, therefore we will assume 6 attempts were made before succeeding).

    Dullahan Weapon (Material Cost: 16mil (6mil essence / ~2.5mil per chunks))
    • +0 to +11 in a single jump thanks to the +11 Jumping stone from Unified Front quest.
    • +12 with the +12 Restorative Rune from the Unified Front Quest. (Must reforge once afterwards: +47mil)
    • +13 is guaranteed with Seal Shop rune. (Must reforge once afterwards: +80mil)
    • +14 assuming 5 reforges: 335mil ((4m per steel x 14 steel + 6m essence + ~5m for two chunks) * 5)
    • +15 assuming 6 reforges: 450mil ((4m per steel x 16 steel + 6m essence + ~5m for two chunks) * 6)
    • Total Cost: 928,000,000

    Astera Weapon (Material Cost: 50.2mil (35mil essence / ~3.8m per ore))
    • +0 to +10 normally with enhancement runes needed for +9, and +10.
    • +11 assuming 2 fails with Prem Rune: 14.2mil (Currently 7.1m per in market).
    • +12 assuming 3 reforges: 390.6mil ((4m per steel x 22 steel + 35m essence + ~7.2m for two ores) * 3)
    • +13 assuming 4 reforges: 712.8mil ((4m per steel x 34 steel + 35m essence + ~7.2m for two ores) * 4)
    • +14 assuming 5 reforges: 931mil ((4m per steel x 36 steel + 35m essence + ~7.2m for two ores) * 5)
    • +15 assuming 6 reforges: 1.69bil ((4m per steel x 60 steel + 35m essence + ~7.2m for two ores) * 6)
    • Total Cost: 3,792,000,000

    Assuming I didn't make any mistakes in my math, we can conclude that:
    • Making a +13 Dulla Weapon is 13mil more than a base +0 Astera Weapon.
    • Making a +14 Dulla Weapon is 24mil more than a +12 Astera.
    • Making a +15 Dulla Weapon is 239.8mil less than a +13 Astera.
    • Making a +15 Dulla Weapon is 1.17bil less than a +14 Astera
    • Making a +15 Dulla Weapon is 2.86bill less than a +15 Astera.
    • A +15 Dulla is superior to a +14 Astera b/c both weapons can cap all current content but the Dulla offers more ADD.
    • Considering current content as well as future content Selren and Maject, Dulla is the best and most economic choice unless you need the extra crit offered by Astera and/or just want to have the best of the best.