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  • Some Feedback/comparison on Battle voices.

    Vladino wrote: »
    Lynn got back original battle voice. Idk about other chars. Thanks for that at least.

    Everyone got their originals back except for Lann, Fiona, and Evie. We got the KR voices instead of the "old," NA ones. Still, it's better than the new NA imo so I'm not complaining +cold
  • Some Feedback/comparison on Battle voices.

    Potential good news.

    [Voice Emotes]

    - Added 20 new Voice Emotes for each character.
    : Players can preview newly added Voice Emotes in the [Voice] tab of the [Emotes] window.
    : Players can purchase newly added Voice Emotes in the [Friendship Seal Shop].

    It looks like at the start of season 4, new voice lines are being added. This means that NA will most likely call back all the current voice actors. Hopefully instead of just doing new voice lines, they can also take another crack at redoing/tweaking some battle grunts.

    *fingers crossed*
  • Equipment that are no longer craft-able/obtainable

    Refer to this document's 2nd tab at the bottom titled Gear List. Things labeled as "Discontinued in RISE Update."

  • Seal Shop Needs rework bad

    It's kind of expected that they'd have Aes Sidhe's essence in the shop eventually but why have they waited so long and why didn't they just included it with Dullahan's essence?

    I do have an answer for this, but I think I'd get flamed for it so unless you want me to elaborate on my thought process, I'll keep my opinion to myself regarding why they didn't put the Aes essence in from the start. +cold.

    I guess I just want the seal shop to be more rewarding for those who put their time into doing raids, especially when we're not getting the drops we need. It would be great if the seal shop could be that "back up" assurance that we're not wasting our time.

    I agree that the seal shop could be more rewarding. Something one of our guildies suggested is that they could give the trash drops a trade in value. Our guildy has 6,285 Agares flags and has yet to ever drop a page from him. Maybe make it so you can trade in "x" amount of the garbage drops for a item from the respective boss. But if they did this, I'd say they should make the trash drops bind on pickup & set the required number high so that the rares themselves retain their value.

    And thank you CloakShire for sharing info on seals. But even going that route to get one steel per day is painful considering you need so many for reforges. It's very discouraging and sometimes depressing.

    Np on sharing the seal gain numbers, but like I said: Purchasing steel with seals is not cost effective considering runes to reforge. Steel is best farmed from raiding, guild dungeons, and monthly missions from my experience.
  • Seal Shop Needs rework bad

    I think they will be putting in Aes Sidhe's essence in the upcoming Marject patch; but I agree though. The seal shop needs a revamp badly.

    - Added [Aes Sidhe’s Sealed Power] to the [Seal of Bravery shop].
    - Recuced the [Seal of Bravery] costs of 16 existing Lv 95 items in the [Seal of Bravery Shop] by about 20%.

    ^That's included in the Season 4 patch in KR. I doubt we'll see it alongside Marject.

    Also @SwornKnight you don't have to gain seals from raiding exclusively and you can gain around ~70 seals per day on average.
    • 20 from raiding
    • ~16 from RaR's level 40 bottles (Assuming VIP for 2x runs and 3 extra guild departure runs).
    • 3 from guild seal exchange
    • ~9-15 from running Special 3x
    • ~12-18 from Abyssal Arena 4x.
    • 10 from 1:1 Ein Lacher Exchange

    82 max average from what I've gotten in game. However, I understand that you're looking at it from a new player's perspective. RaR Trains tend to go quickly so getting those ~16 seals to start would be preferred plus the bonus of potential shards. Then they could spend their one hour doing raids. So that's an average of ~26 seals per day for about an hour and fifteen minutes of play. Would only take 3 days for a steel, but I think that buying steel via the seal shop isn't cost effective for new players. They should save their seals for their Abom/Eoch essence which is required on the Looming Conflict quest, and the +13 rune for their dulla weapon.

    After that, they should be able to raid all level 95 content and Claire which is a better source of steel from my experience. This lets them save their seals for unstable runes that can be used for future reforge needs.