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Why can't I just invite people to QB/RAR?

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So instead of spinning the wheel on whether or not I can get into a raid with my guildies, I can just make sure they're in the party with me.

How is it games that came out YEARS before Vindy had lobby/party system that made more sense than this asinine monstrosity? Quick battle. QUIIIIIIICK battle. Nope, can't just invite people to a party and matchmake to find a fourth. Or even host the raid and then invite two people to it. You know what isn't *quick*? Hosting a raid and then hoping people can get to it before randos join.


  • EmerthystEmerthyst
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    edited May 18, 2020
    there isn't even a need for quick battle anymore since we have mobile board.
    quick battle is a solution to a problem they already planned to solve a month later.
    It's incredibly confusing when i tell a new or returning player to use qb for raids but when i need them to join redeemers raids i have to tell them to go into depart menu which they had no idea was a thing.
  • NokaubureNokaubure
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    The solution to this would be buffing departure mode a bit more. Atm not only it gives less damage cores in 4 man, but also no goddess blessing core and no qb core. In my opinion departure should give the same dmg cores and goddess bless, but still lack qb core because skipping cutscenes makes up for that -1 core.

    In abyssal and niflheim, departure mode is better than qb atm.
  • CloakshireCloakshire
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    For once, I agree with you.

    Maybe they can tweak QB and give it a guild priority option. Like make it so that when you launch a QB, you have an additional checkbox you can tic. Doing so causes your QB notification to only go to guildies at first. After about ~30 or so seconds, it re-sends a notification out to the rest of the server.

    This does three things.
    Prioritizes your guildmates & lets them join w/o worry of their spots being taken (which is what you want)
    Still sends out a server wide msg after a bit to fill out empty slots in the party not taken by guildies.
    Still lets you benefit from the +1 drop that QB gives.

    While they're at it, bring back the guild bonus that gives +x amount of LUK based on how many guildmates are in the same party.
  • EvenstarEvenstar
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    I have played for around 9 years, what is qb and depart menu? I had formed the opinion this was a single player game with other people in the world doing single player things.