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  • Common misconceptions other players have

    Lahar wrote: »
    You don't need every character at level 90 with +15 gear. You can only play one at a time.

    I'm so sick of seeing your stupid "Wah only one character delete others" mindset being posted here. Nobody cares that you main one character. It offers zero benefits to delete a character that you leveled up and invested in. Plenty of people play different characters but main one. They aren't compelled to delete their hours of progress to main one character. That's not even a common misconception. You have this weird grudge against people playing other characters because you think you have to focus one yet I know a solid 10 people who are very good on 2 or 3 or MORE characters.

    So please, take that bs outta here
  • The last bastion of XE falls - China becomes Prem

    Lavonne wrote: »
    - Except you conveniently left out the fact that YOU HAVE TO DODGE to get the 150% damage. Dodge as in = knowing how to play and calculate moves. How is that "easier" than Premiere in which facetanking with super-armor, stacking stats and chugging pots are the best strategies? You think playing well and dodging is easier than letting the stats play for you? Than why did the developers introduce Einlach as a "challenge" mode? Einlach and XE are literally the same concept: "Get X for not getting hit". In Einlach you get a gold medal for not getting hit and in XE you get 50% damage boost for not getting hit. You literally have the developers themselves admitting that XE's concept is more challenging by its design.
    - XE doesn't have unlimited stamina.
    - HP bars only matter for certain bosses when you're doing break-offs. Also you can choose to hide the bars in XE. How is this even an argument?
    - This is just a theory and not confirmed or tested. And even if it did turn out to be true, it's only two classes.
    - In Premiere you can abuse the sprint button to run faster than normal by spamming it -> movement advantage.

    Raw skill = XE
    Stats = Premiere

    If you want to argue that getting stats is harder than playing better, than you'd be right, Premiere is more challenging in a sense that it's more stat demanding. But at the end of the day, you can buy stats (that includes "stamina management"), but you can't buy gold medals in Einlach and you can't buy combo bonus.

    So at the end of the day, you're just saying nobody who plays on Premiere can possibly be good and only XE players are the skilled gods.

  • Gearing cestus karok.

    Speed, balance, crit. Yes, we have Destroyer for 4 crits. It's unrealistic to say you'll keep crit buff up 100% of a battle. Your Pivot Strike can do 5500 damage or 11000 crit damage(before clean hit). Counting 3 smashes/blasts and then charging or absorbing is only going to kill your stamina. Obviously, try to refresh crit buff if you can but don't prioritize it. Instead, make up for it by having higher critical.
  • Member Berries Thread

    Member Crimson Coins? I member. Member gnoll chieftain hoods? I member.
  • Vindi-culous Screenshots Weekly Contest!

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