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  • [Ranking] Additional Damage

    187 wrote: »
    Anyone with a +16 should be on that list.

    Surprisingly, not that many people with +16s have high enhanced armors yet.
  • KR Server Patch Notes & More

    LynnCUBE wrote: »

    You just have to time it right so you parry 3 attacks from bosses before you blast.

    In the time you're taking to weave 3 attacks for crit buff I've already done more damage. Cestus is about efficiency and using every ability you have on cooldown,
    doing as much damage as possible while taking as little damage as possible(with exception to Shout, Howl, Hulking Fury, and Internal Disruption which do not contribute to DPS). Also, in that KR player's video, I see the timer on Havan at 58:20 and he's only just done 1 bar of damage. If you're using that style to get Gold Medals in Ein Lacher, w/e floats your boat then. But if you're talking about max dps rotation that is NOT it lmao and it's not even close.
  • KR Server Patch Notes & More

    LynnCUBE wrote: »

    Show me someone as skilled as him in NA/EU and talk. Most of the Karoks I see here (not all) are busy running around and not using their implemented blocks in their attacks to deal damage.

    Cestus Succubus Queen solo using overflow rotation. Flawless smash frame timing.

    This is a pillar video but it's just an example of one of the best NA pillar players.

  • Best and worst ones? Effortless

    for Effortless classes, Arisha and Delia. They are the easiest classes with the easiest dodge + block combos. The hardest class would be one of the classes that doesn't have a block , and only a dodge, like Xgun kai. I played all the characters and all of them are fairly straight forwards, but I must admit it is harder to dodge hits with an Kai than it is with a Arisha or Delia, especially in neamhain. And recently I tried staff evie, and she is quite difficult too in my opinion. Staff Evie looks easy when others play her but if you tried to play her yourself, you'd show more appreciation the next time you ask for coronas :)

    This is a pretty good troll post. It almost got me.
  • Explosive enchant scroll

    It's removed