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  • Does anyone actually like PVP?

    I do PVP at any opportunity because of a lack of things to do otherwise. Over 7 months I spent several million, possibly hundreds, on megaphones to start Free match or Siege. 9/10 times on west, I was in any given multi pvp match.
  • Outfit Share Coupon + Better Time Req Events

    Outfit Share Coupon
    Potential names: Outfitter Share Pass, Outfitter Clone Coupon

    Many times a player has requested to transfer an outfit to another character on the same account, and been denied.
    But what if you could simply pay, perhaps half of what the outfit piece cost, to give a copy of an outfit piece to another character? Retaining dyes, of course.
    I personally have a look for my Karok that I think would look good on any other male char and wish I could have the same look without going utterly broke buying multiple outfit dyes + buying the outfitter again on top of that.
    I believe this to be reasonable for both player and Nexon. I'd buy this item in a heartbeat for a lot of my outfit pieces.

    Better AFK/Playtime Events

    I understand that Vindictus server numbers need to increase, and AFK/time log events are 1 way to do so. But they're counter-intuitive.
    The Migration Celebration 100hr time logged, 4 Week duration event gave away excellent rewards like Premium Enchant/Enhance runes and the wonderful Fluffy Teddy Bear Backpack. This was an AFK event done right. 100hrs in a month is quite reasonable.

    The current Revolution Weeks event is 60hrs a week for 3 weeks, 180hrs total, for 3 COSMETIC items. As it as been pointed out, 60hrs a week is MORE than a full time job's hours. Not only is this unreasonable, it is largely not worth anyone's time when you see the rewards. Glowing Sprout hat, Golden Headcat hat, and Emanating Fists gloves for 180hrs in 3 weeks. This doesn't even make people play the game. They leave their computers on, characters logged in, and go to work/play other games(Should be a giant red flag here. They're not playing and as a consequence, not paying.)
    Not exactly reviving and revitalizing the community.

    I have a handful of ideas for playtime-logging events(NOT AFK events), some original, some not.

    1. Ancient Coin enchant scrolls event. Assist new level 90 players in acquiring the Rank 7 Enchant scrolls to bring their stats up so they can contribute more in Raids. Recommend selling some sort of Enchant Rune bulk bundle during this event in order to capitalize. Win win.

    2. Enchant/Enhance rune fragment event, run Season 3 Raid battles and Hero Season 2 battles WITH FULL PARTY for Fragment Energy item which can be exchanged in Exchange Shop for Enchant Rune Fragments and Enhance Rune Fragments to combine into Enchant Runes and +1 Enhance coupons respectively.
    Due to Season 2 hero battles being to be completed 5 times, perhaps double the Energy received from Season 3 Raids.
    Gets people playing, gives consistent rewards. Win-win

    Will add more in as I think of them. I want to help Nexon keep Vindictus alive and I know that people need to play, and people need to pay.
    But they need real, tangible incentives.
  • Your Thoughts on Additional Damage Changes?

    WhiteYukii wrote: »
    Honestly, Who cares?

    This is a pure PvE co-op game. People bringing more damage into your raid group can only ever be mutually beneficial, and eventually you will get more damage as you get geared as well. "Wow someone who is FAR more feared than me just out dpsed the hell out of me and carried the raid, how unfair!!!" Yeah that is SUPPOSED to happen??? Its not like you need the extra damage to begin with because they made the game so much more easier to steamroll. Stop pretending this is some awful change, it literally won't negatively effect you in the slightest. Also, getting the gear to begin with does take a degree of skill as well.

    Besides...almost no one gonna have a weapon past +15 anyways.

    I can't believe this is the first time I've seen someone try to justify these AD changes, as well as try to argue that getting geared takes skill. You are delusional.
  • Best of the Best

    You might be thinking of shizuka on tenko's discord...who is boo4u...not the evie shizukaa whose discord name is pretty different.
  • The last bastion of XE falls - China becomes Prem

    Lavonne wrote: »
    - Except you conveniently left out the fact that YOU HAVE TO DODGE to get the 150% damage. Dodge as in = knowing how to play and calculate moves. How is that "easier" than Premiere in which facetanking with super-armor, stacking stats and chugging pots are the best strategies? You think playing well and dodging is easier than letting the stats play for you? Than why did the developers introduce Einlach as a "challenge" mode? Einlach and XE are literally the same concept: "Get X for not getting hit". In Einlach you get a gold medal for not getting hit and in XE you get 50% damage boost for not getting hit. You literally have the developers themselves admitting that XE's concept is more challenging by its design.
    - XE doesn't have unlimited stamina.
    - HP bars only matter for certain bosses when you're doing break-offs. Also you can choose to hide the bars in XE. How is this even an argument?
    - This is just a theory and not confirmed or tested. And even if it did turn out to be true, it's only two classes.
    - In Premiere you can abuse the sprint button to run faster than normal by spamming it -> movement advantage.

    Raw skill = XE
    Stats = Premiere

    If you want to argue that getting stats is harder than playing better, than you'd be right, Premiere is more challenging in a sense that it's more stat demanding. But at the end of the day, you can buy stats (that includes "stamina management"), but you can't buy gold medals in Einlach and you can't buy combo bonus.

    So at the end of the day, you're just saying nobody who plays on Premiere can possibly be good and only XE players are the skilled gods.