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Explosive enchant scroll

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edited August 10, 2017 in General Discussion
Anyone knows where to get it? i only had one and it failed so i tried to find it in marketplace but i had no luck,i tried to google it to find any information but i couldnt find any,was it removed ?


  • V0lterixV0lterix
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    It's removed
  • Weiss_OswaldWeiss_Oswald
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    That scroll is extremely outdated.
    Using it is like cursing your weapon, because the benefit of the extra attack is largely shadowed by the hole you leave in your critical rate and speed.
    Att cap is easily achievable, crit cap isn't.

    Anyway, as a substitute, I recommend using divine punishment, or maelstrom, even though those are Suffixes. (I'm recommending cheap alternatives, you can always go for the good R6/R7 scrolls)
  • Order5Order5
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    Even if it weren't removed...it just wouldn't be the same if it didn't have a chance of making your weapon actually explode.
  • Arrow95Arrow95
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    Sucks constant es was removed also it was a godly scroll for Crossgun, since in bolt storm it is like a 50% chance of getting back 125sp