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  • Dullahan move set + mechanic guide

    Karok can clash his red downward slash during Shield Phase only. The shield goes down during clash animation, so take the time to damage as much as possible before resuming bombing.
  • Does anyone actually like PVP?

    I do PVP at any opportunity because of a lack of things to do otherwise. Over 7 months I spent several million, possibly hundreds, on megaphones to start Free match or Siege. 9/10 times on west, I was in any given multi pvp match.
  • Your Thoughts on Additional Damage Changes?

    WhiteYukii wrote: »
    Guess what? Once that person who's all geared out hops into a raid even if they're horrible that stacked gear will keep them alive and ever hit they get on the boss in their unskilled flailing will get them more rewards than someone who knows the bosses, knows their character, and puts in the effort to play well--simply because they don't have the gear.

    This is a huge hypothetical """what if""" that almost never happens in this game, The vast majority who spend the time, money, and effort getting geared, likely knows how to play their class. Gear has mostly never saved you from getting rekt in this game to begin with. If you didn't know what you were doing, you would be hugging the ground or playing extremely passively. Maybe the decrease in difficulty will make it possible to straight gear-carry now, but we shall see.
    This notion that I see way too often in F2P games which equates money spent to lack of skill is just ridiculous and often over-exploited. Even if it does happen, It does not effect you in any way because Vindictus is a PvE co-op game. Just like Warframe, nothing that player does with their money, will ever effect you. You are literally being upset about ghosts, so why waste the energy being upset about it? Why be angry about things that you know won't change?.

    While you think this is a hypothetical "what if", I and many others on West have seen tons of people who pay and get geared overnight, and then proceed to be UTTER garbage at the game. It's not a small minority. Someone with crap gear who instantly/rapidly becomes endgame geared is not magically gaining skill and playing their character optimally. Now, money spent does NOT equal lack of skill, in fact if someone paid to win and is good at the game then I have nothing to complain or say anything about. Time spent playing the game does not equal skill at character either.

    Your attitude makes me thing you are one of those people who maxed out Attack Limit in a week, bought D/R/E silver bracelets and put superior gems in them, rolled 4* +12 armor max synthesis, bought a +15 90, and then went into Neamhain and was permadead before 6bars.
  • Best of the Best

    You might be thinking of shizuka on tenko's discord...who is boo4u...not the evie shizukaa whose discord name is pretty different.
  • Strongest class (DPS) Top 3??

    Top dps is whoever has the most additional damage.