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  • New Voice for Characters

    Laosduude wrote: »
    Kirisuu wrote: »
    The new combat voices are too ear piercing and distracting. Also some of them doesn't really match the character persona. A voice toggle or a voice selection, similar to the CN Vindictus would be a nice addition.

    Lol CN has combat voice selection? Hell, since it's already coded in the game, if it doesn't get added to ours, just another layer to the cake of bad decisions by western management again.

    To be more precise, CN has voice-over selection feature, that allows people to shift between CN and original KR versions of combat, cutscenes, voiced dialogue sounds.
  • Hurk Second Weapon Officially Confirmed?

    Is is confirmed by KR staff that Hurk's 2nd weapon will be dual-wield. I have tranlated the interview from 2 webzines: Sina and PC Games.
    You can check out the translation of PC Games interview in here
  • Hurk Second Weapon Officially Confirmed?

    Well we aren't getting new content every week if that's what you are thinking (if not disregard this message). KR has been slow on content actually. We didn't get any new story since Habitant for nearly 3 months and then got Ceara Story to clear any questions as to WHY you meet Ceara in Berbhe. Every week is Development info on the future content itself.
    Of this I am aware. That is exactly why I'm pointing out people's impatience and asking to bear with this. I'd imagine if we lost 1-2 years worth of content, but it's just bugging me how people get impatient over such a normal content gap.

  • Coming Soon: The Abyssal Arena

    Ok, let's settle down on names here:

    1)Abyssal Arena vs Tower of Struggle - umh... ok, we're descending "Into the Abyss", like these other 2 battles in S2. Still, it's a tower!

    2)Flight of the Valkyrie vs Loulan's Last Flower vs Flexible Feet vs Fluttering Flower - Flight of the Valkyrie name doesn't match with her style, Loulan's Last Flower would fit her backstory as her final attack. Flexible Feet - well, I thought it was a silly joke until I saw what it looked like, acceptable. Fluttering Flower - a good match with her fighting style and many of her skills.

    3)MP Swap vs Mana Switch - seriously, shortening Mana to MP? That's not even proper to name in abbreviations! And "swap" means you can get SP back, while switch, you do one-sided switch!

    4)Einrach vs Ein Lacher - Ein Lacher is a joke. No hard feelings to it.

    Getting back on topic, it'd be a shame if some content from remaining Smashes would be lost. After all, winter is in the wind already.
  • MHCN: Public Enhancement Anvil

    On 28th September, TianCheng, the publisher of chinese version of Mabinogi Heroes, has released the Public Enhancement system, which allows people who have weapons +10 or higher, enhance them with higher chances of success.

    For now, this feature is an exclusive to Chinese version of a game (even KR doesn't have this one). Bear this in mind.

    To use Public Enhancement, you need to be over Lv 50 and have a weapon with +10 enhancement or higher.
    First, you create a room.



    And this is the pre-process of enhancement. The word "Public" means that along with you, there will be at least 99 more people looking at you, cheering you up, donating gold (enhancer can also donate himself), which enhancer can use to raise his enhancement success rate.

    The numbers in the upper left mean the amount of people in the room and the amount of cheers sent. There is also a separate chat for talking and cheering up. It also shows, whether enhancer will continue to enhance or not.
    The gauge above shows the success rate increase. There are 5 stages of success rate in there. You need about 9-13 million gold to actually max this up.


    When enhancer enhances the equipment, there will be a 30-second waiting time for a result, ensuring the dramatic moment.

    If enhancer successfully enhances the equipment, the remaining gold that was donated to him will be sent to him via mail. However. if he decides to quit mid-way while gold isn't used, the gold will return back to donators.


    If enhancer fails the equipment and no runes are used, his weapon will be destroyed and some materials will be returned. Also, he will receive Limited Time weapon with enhancement rank higher than the current one (for example, if he enhances Rattler +10 to +11 and fails, he receives Limited +11 Rattler). The duration of equipment depends on the amount of cheers and performance (from 3 days to 2 weeks).
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