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  • Feedback Dropbox: St. Patrick's Day Events

    Following the release of another survey in Vindictus Discord, creating one here, on the forums.
    As always, when replying, please answer in the following form:

    [Spring Celebration Weekend Hot Time]
    1. Like/Dislike with provided reason.
    2. Suggestion on your end.

    [St. Patrick's Day Festival Event]
    1. Like/Dislike with provided reason.
    2. Suggestion on your end.

    [St. Patrick's Day Hair/Body Color Event]
    1. Like/Dislike with provided reason.
    2. Suggestion on your end.

    [St. Patrick's Destiny Boxes Sales]
    1. Like/Dislike with provided reason.
    2. Suggestion on your end.

    - The answer is required for every event. If you want to leave it empty (don't know what to write, or too shy), leave "-" mark instead.

    Note: Please don't stray from the form. This'll make your feedback less constructive and understanding.
  • New Voice for Characters

    Laosduude wrote: »
    Kirisuu wrote: »
    The new combat voices are too ear piercing and distracting. Also some of them doesn't really match the character persona. A voice toggle or a voice selection, similar to the CN Vindictus would be a nice addition.

    Lol CN has combat voice selection? Hell, since it's already coded in the game, if it doesn't get added to ours, just another layer to the cake of bad decisions by western management again.

    To be more precise, CN has voice-over selection feature, that allows people to shift between CN and original KR versions of combat, cutscenes, voiced dialogue sounds.
  • Hurk Second Weapon Officially Confirmed?

    Well we aren't getting new content every week if that's what you are thinking (if not disregard this message). KR has been slow on content actually. We didn't get any new story since Habitant for nearly 3 months and then got Ceara Story to clear any questions as to WHY you meet Ceara in Berbhe. Every week is Development info on the future content itself.
    Of this I am aware. That is exactly why I'm pointing out people's impatience and asking to bear with this. I'd imagine if we lost 1-2 years worth of content, but it's just bugging me how people get impatient over such a normal content gap.

  • Hurk Second Weapon Officially Confirmed?

    Hurrying... I might get scolded by someone, but really:

    Welp, the gap between region contents (we're not talking about newest regions out there, like Thailand) has already been shortened less than a year ago. No need to hurry, actually. As one popular meme says: "You can't just jump ahead right to the latest content possible". That is for new players' sake. Else, this talk will walk in infinite loop until either the developer exhausts all the content possible, or something will cause admin/gm wars and the game would literally "burn in the flames of eternal rage" and eventually close up. The game needs players, especially new ones.

    The problem, on the other hand, might lie in the incostistency of this said content. Different region publishers do things different according to the content that they receive AND according to player's wishes (e.g. Japan gets Tower of Struggle and Quick Battle feature while CN gets Alban Festival with thanksgiving events). However, returning to the point of not hurrying, even players' wishes have limits. You can't just ask for candy, that will give you over 99999 M.ATT or ATT and over 40 ATT SPD when it turns you into the shame of a toxic player.

    That said, I'll just tell one thing. There is no need to hurry, because while new content seems important, it's not what the game is about anyway. Yeah, RNG might urge you to spam Meteor and summon ponies to calm your anger. But new players are also important. Interaction - that is what MMO genre is about, no matter what type of game this is. Let's be more positive, that staff will do whatever is possible to fix bugs (and maybe story typos? Seriously, staff, do something about it! Some people DO read!) and make content as plausible as it should be.

    Returning to the new content overview:

    Hope there will be new game mechanics implemented for RAID fight, because I doubt that people will kick his legs until his HP reaches 0. Climbing maybe (assuming its size)? Or something environmental?
    Seeing as Lv 95 or Lv 100 haven't introduced yet (have they?), new sets might only fit the design and its armor type. However, if by any chance they will, maybe ATT planks will raise up to 35-40k ATT? Could be.
  • Coming Soon: The Abyssal Arena

    Ok, let's settle down on names here:

    1)Abyssal Arena vs Tower of Struggle - umh... ok, we're descending "Into the Abyss", like these other 2 battles in S2. Still, it's a tower!

    2)Flight of the Valkyrie vs Loulan's Last Flower vs Flexible Feet vs Fluttering Flower - Flight of the Valkyrie name doesn't match with her style, Loulan's Last Flower would fit her backstory as her final attack. Flexible Feet - well, I thought it was a silly joke until I saw what it looked like, acceptable. Fluttering Flower - a good match with her fighting style and many of her skills.

    3)MP Swap vs Mana Switch - seriously, shortening Mana to MP? That's not even proper to name in abbreviations! And "swap" means you can get SP back, while switch, you do one-sided switch!

    4)Einrach vs Ein Lacher - Ein Lacher is a joke. No hard feelings to it.

    Getting back on topic, it'd be a shame if some content from remaining Smashes would be lost. After all, winter is in the wind already.