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  • We can change Vin's fate!

    As pessimistic as it is, there's pretty much nothing you can do. The director will develop the game as he sees fit and not listen to player feedback. You only have 2 options, which are either play the game or uninstall and don't play. Criticism and comments have been left all over for the director to look at from the player base and he doesn't care. The sad thing is that a lot of the quality of life changes that were needed were also added in, but the damage was done already. Those changes should've been given to us years ago.

    Even the server merge. We asked for that years ago and NA decided to finally do it when the player base was down to like 1k players. I honestly can't just blame Rise for our small community, it was a combination of a few things that people just didn't want to deal with anymore.

    I'm on the same boat that Cherished is on. As much as I can't really stand this game anymore, I spent 7 years on here and I met so many of my current close friends on here. Spent so much time playing this game and I love all of the characters I have. It's pretty hard to let go. I can understand why people say "I quit" but then you see them back a few months later. I'm a victim of that :P
  • Update made you/friends quit? Please sign here.

    I've only held on this long because I have very a lot of memories with Nexon in general. Played Nexon games for 10 years. I've had a lot of fun on Maplestory, Dragon's Nest before it became independent, and now this game. Been playing Vindictus for 6 years, and man has it been the best 6 years of my gaming life. I never had so much satisfaction in an MMO before.

    But now?

    All of my close friends that I've met on Vindi quit and my guild has been playing other games. And now with Rise I feel the same way. I don't like how everything is shoved into S3 and lvl 90, and soon with Dullahan coming out it's gonna get shoved into 95.

    Additional Damage has also driven me insane. I can literally watch someone play like such garbage, but since they have 2k more additional damage, I get beat by an amazing 18-20%. Oh yeah you also get an extra core for having that additional damage and doing 40%. Good job buddy.

    I remember this game being more skill based. Y'know, you older Lann's out there, where Spear Lann's dodge costed 30 stamina, gave no invul frame, and moved you nowhere? To the point that your sprint smash is a better way to dodge. I respect those people who played old Spear Lann. When you could only have 16 of each type of potion in your only 5 quick slots. (Yes, I know. Neamhain is like this, but why do I have to play only 1 raid that feels like that?)

    Now I can abuse super armor frames and chug potions down without the need of merc potions because no potion animation.

    I don't know, I don't even recognize this game like how I remember it. And I really did try playing this update for a few days and I can't do it. Now that Diablo III is getting the Necromancer expansion and Kritika is coming to Open Beta soon, I have other stuff I can dedicate my time in to.

    I know Karoks have always been scarce, but this game just lost another.

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  • Seals of Bravery

    When you say "new" Seal of Bravery, I'm kind of losing you cause I only know 1 type of Seal of Bravery.

    Seals of Bravery you can get in a variety of ways.

    Doing the once a day raids, in any of the seasons.
    Doing some once a day battles, such as Succubus, Muir, and Shakarr.
    Doing Abyssal Arena.
    Trading Honor Medals, obtained from Ein Lacher.
    Royal Army Raids.

    And that's what comes to my mind, others I'm sure can fill this in if I had forgotten any methods.