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  • Nexon KR fined by Korean FTC over gacha scheme

    @Deprived Never said it was okay. And I'm aware that something like a lottery machine isn't random, there's a reason why I put in quotations random, RNG, and chance.

    I agree with your points, and while it isn't okay obviously for gaming companies to do such things, it's still going to happen, no matter what. We can rant, complain, and cry out at these companies all we want but in the end we're just the pawns in the system that buy their product. Just dollars signs to them and as long as money keeps flowing to companies they won't care what we have to say. The only way for companies to change ways would be if literally every single person in the system stops feeding them and starve companies out.

    Anyway, unfortunately this won't go anywhere on a video game forum of all places and so with that, these are my last words.

    Have a good day :)
  • Nexon KR fined by Korean FTC over gacha scheme

    Jinyie wrote: »
    This is cancer. Where is the forum moderator?

    They don't really seem to be as active anymore. I don't actually recall when's the last time I've seen a mod respond to something.
  • 100k NX wings

    It's not really a shocker at this point. Nexon's always been out to destroy your wallet. Gatchas and Runes were always a clear indication of wanting money, and with the incoming Succubus mate like Proto said, I'm sure a lot of people are going to want to try to get that, which is more money to them, then there's the incoming Iset and Havan pet, and God only knows how expensive that's going to be, and the trend will continue.

    Vindictus is still a game with a lot of potential. I still have it downloaded on my computer, hoping for the day that something will entice me to come back and play it like a crack addict like I used to. For now though, it's in a very ill state.

    I do like that they're giving more F2P options so that people can get geared up and try to be on par with people who do dump money into the game, like the Seal of Bravery shop runes, and stopping a lot of the good lower rank scrolls from blowing up equipment. Sure, it may require a lot of farming (Seals of Bravery) but it's possible. I also feel like Nexon should really come down on prices, it would encourage more people to want to buy instead of people looking at it like "$100 are you kidding me?" I know some people don't care about prices because they can afford it, but there's quite a good amount of people who can't drop money like that because of whatever reasons they may have (Too expensive, not enough income, personal costs like bills, etc.)

    A farming event would be nice, some free gifts would've been cool, I liked the kill x boss x amount of times server wide and getting items too. Unfortunate for that event though it would never get completed because of how low the population is.

    But oh well. We'll continue to go unheard, Nexon will continue to do what they want, and it's just up to us players to accept the changes or quit. Personally it does hurt me, I've met a good amount of friends on this game, my best friends even. I talk and hang out with them every day. Met them 5 years ago. To watch Nexon use this game as cash grab city like this hurts. A lot. It's gotten way worse than when I remember first playing.

    TL;DR - Nexon should really stop focusing on the money scenario and focus on bringing in and retaining customers.
  • Update made you/friends quit? Please sign here.

    I've only held on this long because I have very a lot of memories with Nexon in general. Played Nexon games for 10 years. I've had a lot of fun on Maplestory, Dragon's Nest before it became independent, and now this game. Been playing Vindictus for 6 years, and man has it been the best 6 years of my gaming life. I never had so much satisfaction in an MMO before.

    But now?

    All of my close friends that I've met on Vindi quit and my guild has been playing other games. And now with Rise I feel the same way. I don't like how everything is shoved into S3 and lvl 90, and soon with Dullahan coming out it's gonna get shoved into 95.

    Additional Damage has also driven me insane. I can literally watch someone play like such garbage, but since they have 2k more additional damage, I get beat by an amazing 18-20%. Oh yeah you also get an extra core for having that additional damage and doing 40%. Good job buddy.

    I remember this game being more skill based. Y'know, you older Lann's out there, where Spear Lann's dodge costed 30 stamina, gave no invul frame, and moved you nowhere? To the point that your sprint smash is a better way to dodge. I respect those people who played old Spear Lann. When you could only have 16 of each type of potion in your only 5 quick slots. (Yes, I know. Neamhain is like this, but why do I have to play only 1 raid that feels like that?)

    Now I can abuse super armor frames and chug potions down without the need of merc potions because no potion animation.

    I don't know, I don't even recognize this game like how I remember it. And I really did try playing this update for a few days and I can't do it. Now that Diablo III is getting the Necromancer expansion and Kritika is coming to Open Beta soon, I have other stuff I can dedicate my time in to.

    I know Karoks have always been scarce, but this game just lost another.

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  • Dimond Rush (Krako skill)

    You can use Diamond Rush BEFORE you Blast. Therefore you would hit your R key after a smash.

    Example - Left -> Left -> Right -> R -> E.

    That is a Straight Shot to Diamond Rush to Blast combo.

    Note also with Diamond Rush that if you have a blast gauge saved on your Cestus, it'll bring it down one level and restore you more stamina. So if you have Crushing Strike (Red glow on your Cestus) and you Diamond Rush it'll bring it down to Terror Rush (Light greenish? on your Cestus).

    I hope this helps.