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  • Where are all the male characters?

    Everyone's too busy wanting to have a waifu to play male characters.

    Plus the female characters in this game all have pretty decent or high damage (then again at this point what character doesn't, besides the long running Lynn joke) and people like damage.

    Also Fashion. Males don't really get the best looking stuff.
  • clash buffs

    There's 3 clash ones that I know of.

    One for auto clash, one for manual, and one for manual bare handed when you throw your Pillar.

    The Auto clash is green, the manual one is blue, and I don't remember what the bare handed one is since I don't use Pillar.

    I think the one for bare handed gave you crit? But I don't recall any of them giving SP. Only stamina regen.
  • How are boats since the launcher change?

    I get on nowaday and lucky if I even see 1 QB boat up. Yeah, megas on East have had a lot more callings to raids, but that would make sense since there's no one online. From what I've seen when I visit channel 1, I'm shocked if there's 20 people in the center of Colhen.

    I don't really care anymore though, been playing for 6 years and watched as this game's player base slowly dwindled away. Now it's coming to the end where there's like 80 people on at a time, so I've just been on Diablo 3. It's just painful to see my favorite game go down in flames.
  • Need some opinions on maining my Karok or my Deli

    One thing people always look at is damage. Yes, dealing a crap ton of damage is always fun, but can also be stale after a while depending on the playstyle. I've mained Karok for 4 years. He's stupid fun. His revamps made it even more fun. So I stick with him.

    Now i never personally tried Delia but she also looks fun to me. But I couldn't even throw an opinion to that cause I never actually tried her.

    But the only thing I can tell you is try both seriously and see what you find more fun. Ignore damage because if you're not having fun with the character then it's not worth playing. The number one thing of a video game is enjoyment, and that's something that you have to find through experimentation. Hell, I think Lynn still deals the worst damage in this game but people play her because that's what they find fun.

    But if you want my personal opinion, Karok is fun as all hell and he doesn't require too much gear to have fun with.