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Update made you/friends quit? Please sign here.


  • dazedgumballdazedgumball
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    Kinda went on semi hiatus mode now. Not a full quit for me.
  • DownIoadDownIoad
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    I thought I would give it some time over the weekend to see if I could find some enjoyment in the game still. I found myself grasping at straws to be honest and for the first time in a few months I started browsing Steam for a new game.

    Nothing overdramatic, just wanted to post here because the RISE update did kill the game for me personally. I won't be deleting my gear/characters etc with hopes that one day Vindictus will return to glory.
  • NecrochildNecrochild
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    My guild was already in dormant mode playing mostly other games because they trashed the economy a while back. Half uninstalled when RISE came out. Update turned this game from a decent MMO-ish ARPG into just another faceroll.

    I'm personally just logging in for titles, hoping the next director (if there is another director) is less of a tumor.
  • GanonGamer34GanonGamer34
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    I've only held on this long because I have very a lot of memories with Nexon in general. Played Nexon games for 10 years. I've had a lot of fun on Maplestory, Dragon's Nest before it became independent, and now this game. Been playing Vindictus for 6 years, and man has it been the best 6 years of my gaming life. I never had so much satisfaction in an MMO before.

    But now?

    All of my close friends that I've met on Vindi quit and my guild has been playing other games. And now with Rise I feel the same way. I don't like how everything is shoved into S3 and lvl 90, and soon with Dullahan coming out it's gonna get shoved into 95.

    Additional Damage has also driven me insane. I can literally watch someone play like such garbage, but since they have 2k more additional damage, I get beat by an amazing 18-20%. Oh yeah you also get an extra core for having that additional damage and doing 40%. Good job buddy.

    I remember this game being more skill based. Y'know, you older Lann's out there, where Spear Lann's dodge costed 30 stamina, gave no invul frame, and moved you nowhere? To the point that your sprint smash is a better way to dodge. I respect those people who played old Spear Lann. When you could only have 16 of each type of potion in your only 5 quick slots. (Yes, I know. Neamhain is like this, but why do I have to play only 1 raid that feels like that?)

    Now I can abuse super armor frames and chug potions down without the need of merc potions because no potion animation.

    I don't know, I don't even recognize this game like how I remember it. And I really did try playing this update for a few days and I can't do it. Now that Diablo III is getting the Necromancer expansion and Kritika is coming to Open Beta soon, I have other stuff I can dedicate my time in to.

    I know Karoks have always been scarce, but this game just lost another.

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  • SlothPrincessSlothPrincess
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    My friends quit months ago because they found the grind boring/not worth it so I'm not even sure they know about RISE.

    As someone who only spends money on cosmetics I feel no need to spend money right know thanks to free outfit event. But I have a feeling I'll need to resist once Miri comes. I'm also tempted to buy another guild storage for the new crafting mats but no, I'm resisting that temptation too.

    I like the 4-man parties. It means I can host raids and the lag is (somewhat)bearable for the party. But now the only raids are s3, nif and the special one....and out of all of those Lugh is the only I really enjoy running. (Sometimes royal army raid too but shrug)

    The whole being rewarded based on how much damage you do is really discouraging tbh. I'm not the best skilled or geared player by any means. I try to be a team player too. Does that mean I'm not trying to do my best? Of course not. But I feel I have to rush in and attempt to play super aggressively in these 4-man battles because everyone else is super pro and now even more op with the additional damage. I don't even do 20%. It's every player for themselves. If I wanted to play a competitive game I would go play a competitive game...

    I miss the s1 and s2 raids very much. I don't understand why they were nerfed? I mean I like that I can progress through the story solo but they could have still been raids. hmm

    I love vindi and I don't want to leave, but even though I'm trying to make the best of it I'm very disheartened now.

    I guess what I would like from vindi is this:
    -return the s1/s2 raids to what they were but make them suitable for 4-man
    -return the reward system to what it was
    -nerf additional damage or unnerf boss health? I'm not sure which one or both is the problem

    I think so far these are my only issues
  • LazutLazut
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    i've been playing this years ago, but then leave and return lots of times...
    after rise update, i played 2 days and then quit.. i will not play again until a new update fix this game
    this game has a lot of potential like almost no MMO in the world... but they are killing his own game and thats just sad..

    what made me quit?
    1.- everything is a rush to level 90
    2.- hero mode removed from almost half game, now u r only allowed to play half end content over and over
    3.- i don't liked Ein lachen even before rise, because online games are for multiplayers, not to show your "solo medal" to everyone
    4.- there is no goal even doing daily battles for AP: "waste 1~5 minutes smashing random buttons to clear stage"
    5.- R.I.P. Colru
    6.- new unescesary skills, the Spear, more transformations, the light explotion, and the light boom, now everything is SPAM those skills + your class's skills and boss is already dead.. even if its not dead it is still not good to repeat that everytime you find a boss

    what will made me return and spend money?
    1.- remove all difficulties, only allow old hero mode, it would made a hard and enjoynable game again since level 1
    2.- all monsters(mobs) will be like old hero mode, have uninterruptible attacks, without hitted animation, and also with their old hero mode effects burn, poison, explosion, immortal, speedy, etc..
    3.- allow Level/Equipments adjustment, same as WAKFU did, so high leveled players could play with new players and help them at low levels and not because high Stats/Equipments because that would be so boring... but helping new players with Skill-Based :)
    4.- allow join battles even when they already started, if a player starts a battle 1/4, then up to another 3 players could join, once three have already joined, no more players would join, even if they leave, and if they do maybe penalize players with gold,AP?
    5.- simplificate all items.. instead (Paradise,Epic,Awesome,Godly)<-Cloth, just leave it as "Cloth" and increase the number of Cloths needed to craft an item, for example: a level 15 equipment would need 20 clohts, and a level 90 equipment would need 3000 cloths and more stuff, etc.. this way even low level monster will give useful items in low amounts... the game have too many and unessesary items that sometimes i don't even want to see what i have in my inventory, feels too lazy to check everytime, what can i sell to npc, or market, or just drop, or kept
    6.- rebalanced stats and skills, why we have to have everything?, we have lots of Stamina, it never runs out and even if it does, it recovers in few seconds, we need to have good and bad things.. for example spend Limited but reseteable points to chose among having more recovery Stamina/Health/SP or Critic,DEF,ATK, or walkspeed, etc... and not just farm to get all skills, end equipment/stats and be a god
  • XieXie
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    Recounting my experience with Rise, when Rise came, it brought back a lot of my friends that I haven't seen in years, old comrades in arms. My friend list suddenly doubled from 13 to 22 constantly online! It was fun and we all got to catch up and reminisce. For a bit, it felt like old times again. But after trying out Rise for a few days ... one by one, my old friends logged off and ran off to play other games ... Their reasoning was "it's boring."

    Rise had a lot of great changes, especially in the gearing system, gearing is a lot easier now. A lot of the new graphical updates looks great too. But after giving Rise a chance ... something felt missing. I felt hollow ... and bored. I wasn't feeling the same enjoyment that I always get from battles from all these years. I felt mentally numbed until all I could do is sit in town with my guildies, then eventually we would log off too.

    I took a break before Rise to play other games for a few months. I tried BDO, Warframe, Revelation Online, Diablo 3, and a few others. Even though, I've tried all those games, I kept coming back to Vindictus. I missed the 8 man raids and the feeling of satisfaction it gave that the other games couldn't. Before Rise, Vindictus was unique and its combat was the thing that it was known for. After Rise, I felt as if it took away the thing that made Vindictus unique.

    I suppose the combat is still there but the bosses are so dumbed down that the battle is already over before you could actually experience and appreciate the combat. I guess it can be a good thing that the bosses are so dumbed down that you may not need to gear up as much as you used to enjoy the game ... but... I don't know... it just killed it for me.

    Honestly, a lot of my friends quit from lack of content and difficulty. Some quit for other reasons like +20. As for me, I'm staying until I hit 100% for Neamhain then after that ... I don't know ... DevCat could always bribe me to come back by giving Sword Lann a block move and a male stripper outfit. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Edit: If you would like more details on what I would like to see changed in Rise: See Part 1, 2 and 3
  • r3v3rr3v3r
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    i went today nd tried to craft first i want to say the change in the mat system sux you either had to fight for the mats or buy them but the were related to the weapon the new system sux you font need anything that is weapon specific and the today my profesional weaponsmith cant make anything higher than like level 20 weapons ive worked to hard for to long to get where i was as a weaposmith for this skill to be disappearing. ive spent alot of money with you nexon and im not happy. also i earned my second trans and everything that went with it now i cant have it back till 90 b.s.
  • oCharlotteoCharlotte
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    Xie wrote: »
    DevCat could always bribe me to come back by giving Sword Lann a block move and a male stripper outfit. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • FlufffyParrotFlufffyParrot
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    I'm not gonna quit but I'll quickly lose interest in the game. I HATE the new damage formula, it's all about additional damage. In raid i can play perfectly but still get very bad % of damage just because my additional damage is low, which is complete bs if you ask me. Before you had to think about crit, bal and your attack but now it's just ''sh it gotta enhance all my stuff and deal with annoying rng''. That being said i like that budget builds are VERY easy to do now and with one, you'll be able to do nearly all the content, so that's great if you like playing multiple characters.

  • MaviaJinnMaviaJinn
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    This patch is them kinda admitting the game is dead without killing it. All this patch did was make alting hell of alot easier and streamlined that ****. Having played since Lio was the newest content, back when it was the OG 4. I could do 1-60 content on hard SoM no probs (thats all we had for way too long, the game truly started dying then) now everything is a mob enemy. Like if you wanna ruin your nostalgia, go run Timeless Rage now. I wont quit cause Colhens inn is secretly Hotel California, you can checkout anytime you like but you can never leave.
  • KayoAemskeyKayoAemskey
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    I made a whole topic addressing my personal issues with this update while ago, but I can list the bullet points here.

    The game is frighteningly easy. Every advertisement, and guide is going to tote Vindictus around as this skill heavy action RPG. That simply isn't the case anymore, what with most of the changes RISE has brought. The additional ATK stat becoming more powerful, the even larger and harder to obtain enhancements being thrust at the community for little return, the leaderboards that track practically meaningless things about your stats, the instant chug HP pots, the massive downgrade in difficulty, etc...All of this attributes to why I haven't played the game since the update hit. Frankly I couldn't see myself coming back to the game in this environment either. It really seems like this skill based game I used to love has taken a backseat to mindless stat-whoring.
  • MrGattoMrGatto
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    Well my 'opinion' doesn't mean much since I've stoped being active for like 6 months already but still.

    Even when I played somewhat actively it was mainly S2 raids and some S1 ones like Liono/Keaghan/Succubus/Muir and I did enjoy some random Ship/Cmi runs.
    S1+2 is pretty much nope now,full map runs are gone and I'm not a fan of S3 raids in general 'Regina/Lugh is ok'.

    So now I just honestly don't know what to do ingame,I can still do S2 but its just not the same especially with this 4 ppl party thing.
    4 is ok if you have friends to run with but I don't even have that many left playing this game,lol.
    Playing with 3 'randoms' is not really my thing,it just feels weird and not exactly fun to me.I could host 8 so that part is not really an improvement in my case.

    This damage change is also nope,I liked how back in the days I could feel comfortable with a +10/11 and could very well pull my weight or even more.Now a brainded person can just faceroll the keyboard with tons of ADD dmg and wreck the rest of the party who maybe played properly.Oh and ofc on top of that go ahead and reward that player for it :|
    I'm not really competent in that regard anyway but its just wrong imo.

    And like others mentioned,the game just feels 'hollow/weird' now,its not the same Vindi that I've played for around 7 years.. :/

    The quality of life changes are nice but its kinda too late for them imo.

    Changes are not always good or needed,sometimes theres no need to change things cause of the risk of making it only worse.
    Sure Vindi needed changes but not into this direction..

    Oh well,at least I did not spend much money on this game and even then only cosmetics like inners/hairs,etc.
    There are things that I will miss from this game when it completely dies like the design of armors/weapons and that its not a typical copy/paste game ,tried many MMOs but I like this one the most in that regard.
    At least I've made some lasting friendships from this game which will probably last longer than this game so thats something.
    Now that Diablo III is getting the Necromancer expansion and Kritika is coming to Open Beta soon, I have other stuff I can dedicate my time in to.

    You can already play Kritika on some 'noname?' server but it is official with fatigue system and whatnot.Its a fun game imo.
    I will also check out that Necro but I'm mainly playing singleplayer games now that Vindi 'failed' to get me back:P

  • GewelliriousGewellirious
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    MrGatto wrote: »
    Changes are not always good or needed,sometimes theres no need to change things cause of the risk of making it only worse.
    Sure Vindi needed changes but not into this direction..

    There are no need for changes about features that were already working fine, such as the additional damage.. oh well.
  • NoburoNoburo
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    My friends are definitely not coming back, I had hoped they would when I first saw that stream showcasing all the cool stuff they'd be doing for Rise. They were really discouraged when I showed them that video of Weeping Queen not causing a hard knockdown or even a flinch with its big jump attack, and just being completely nonthreatening overall. I didn't have the heart to tell them about the additional damage and boss hp changes.

    As for myself, I won't just drop the game forever or delete anything because I've regretted it in the past with games I really enjoyed, like MGO2 when it shut down on me after a few months of inactivity. I already regret missing the boat with Neamhain due to not upgrading my pc (I figured the UI lag would be fixed at some point...) so I could play reliably back when everyone was learning it, and now I'm hearing she's been buffed so the standards for additional damage/offensive stats are probably even higher.

    I'll keep coming back to get a taste of the game once in a while so I don't feel that regret when the game inevitably closes, but you can forget me ever spending money on this game again, or even playing it for more than an hour at a time. I couldn't even manage that in the days following the update when it was still fresh and I was enjoying the qol changes, I don't see myself sticking around during the crappy events periods between content updates ever again with what they've done to this game.

  • BowtacojrBowtacojr
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    I get where this post is coming from, but I highly doubt that it will go anywhere.

    I've said this a thousand times, but we're not the priority when it comes to Vindictus, Korea is. IIRC they hate the update too, so the most we can hope for is that they make a big enough fuss to get the director canned and some of the biggest changes reverted, which tbh, is unlikely.

    If you want to stop spending, chances are you already have before this update hit, if not, then spend all you like. Posts like these are getting old, who are you even talking to anymore Prototype? We all knew this update was coming, so you're either preaching to the choir or people already know to ignore you.
  • -CaPriCe--CaPriCe-
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    I quit a while ago, and so did a few of my friends. My wife and I used to play and she was more enthusiastic about the game than I was. SHe quit too. A few of us came back to check the new update and Im not lying, uninstal right away. I visit the forums every now and then but I just lost all hope for this once great game. Worst update I have ever seen in a game. Its boring as heck. feels like an arcade single player game. Not seeing that many people playing either so no point in coming back. Ill keep lurking the forums but it will take a miracle for me to come back.
  • HydroArgentumHydroArgentum
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    Forgive me for not adding any new insights. But I wanted to express my feelings about this update:

    I personally liked the old crafting/equipment system/quests. It gave me a reason to keep revisiting older battles and try out new personal challenges. I feel that my character has been sped up quite significantly. Which make for satisfying movement during combat, but, without the mobs changing to accommodate this change, it feels very one-sided; I loved getting hit by minor mobs because I was careless and didn't consider that I couldn't cancel in time. I mourn the loss of the potion drinking system: I loved all the aspects of Vindictus's combat where you had to think and consider the situation, even the stuff like all the God of Fomors gimmicks.

    The writings are on the walls for me, but I plan to try it two more times: One time tomorrow to see if I can come to terms with it and, if that falls through, one more time to try an make it work with a new character.
  • KlardKlard
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    The only reason i still play is clash and raid with my friends, aside from that the amout of time i'm login each day don't even pass 15 mins
  • EnigmaTaroEnigmaTaro
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    I can see why they nerf these bosses down... it's not like endgame players gonna revisit these again, when all they run every week is neamhain x 4.

    Nobody is there to help new players to go through s1 and s2 before update, and you see these new players megaing for story quest help all the time to no avail, when there's easy mode option "right there". At least now lv90 can tag along and get extra evil cores.

    The game will hit its ghost town states after next week when these whales quit for something more challenging after 100 neamhain clears, but vindictus' biggest charm has always been outfit customization and rest are just bonus, so I am pretty indifferent about the update in the end, though AD change was definitely unneeded and unfair for players who had their builds optimized for non lv90s.