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  • How excited are you for Grimden?

    Menrva wrote: »

    That's bull, Vindi is pure gold buying nowadays. It's impossible to farm anything these days. Nothing droppable at lower content is worth anything.
    Anything worth something is locked behind exclusive end game content, and how the **** are you gonna get there if you have nothing to begin with and can't even queue? Buy tons of gold or NX boxes, I guess.

    It's not like the old times where there were 100m, 200m drops or even more.

    The most expensive scroll drop isn't even enough to restore one piece of equipment to try enhancing again. I imagine the increased chance for your next try must be something useless like 1% per try, if I learned anything from this game.

    Screw this, the main story shouldn't be locked behind a paywall
    I haven't ever bought gold so I mean :)

    The 'old times' were actually a lot worse:
    - The super expensive drops relied on RNG. There were very few ways to make gold through grinding. Even if you got an expensive drop, you wouldn't be able to get a lot out of it (ex: cursed manuscript selling for 100m wouldn't even get you lv 70 weapon)
    - Enhancing system was ****. Reforge is not meant for returning players, it is meant for end game when you have nothing else to get . The fact that they even included the new enhancing system is a godsend - it gives you an opportunity to eventually get to +15. Also, no, it doesn't increase by 1% per try, get your facts right before criticizing something.
    - Parties generally had ridiculous stat requirements (ex: 13k+ for 70 cap, 18k+ for 80 cap) when these weren't needed. The caps right now are much more accessible.
    - You get ridiculously OP gear given to you which lets you do 90 and 95 (? not 100% sure, but probably very close to the requirements raids immediately while still being useful and doing damage.

    So once again, understand the fact that in MMOs you're not supposed to do all end-game content as soon as you reach the level cap.
    Grind gold via S2, making element stones, getting drops from 90s and 95s, onslaught, etc. There are so many ways to farm gold nowadays compared to before. I still run S1 and S2 for gold so it's not a problem of it not being worth anything - it's a problem of you not knowing what to farm.
    In fact, with the release of steels and having them drop from lower level raids, you should have no trouble making gold.

    But if you're in such a rush to do lv 100 raids, just make a boat outside of QB and get guildmates and friends to join.
  • Well for a week this was fun , time to leave !!

    Are you waiting for people to enter your parties?
    Are you using pots?
    Are you dodging?
    Are you farming for gold through reliable and easy methods (ex: S2 for element stones?)
  • halloween event sad ghosts

    Did you kill 2 bosses? ex: lionotus counts as 2
  • Spirit rend still not fixed

    BlueRappy wrote: »
    Any other sylas veteran please correct me if I am wrong.

    Can confirm, the extra damage is applied to the enhanced hit, not enhanced shards.
  • Old Special Element Stone Info

    Confirming previous info: