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  • Who heals better in redeemers? Sylas/Staffie?

    Evie's still better for healing
    - Regen has a lower cooldown and more healing than Illusion shield (healing also isn't decreased if you get hit)
    - Corona and regen both affect 6 people

    That being said, a Sylas can definitely replace an Evie if the Balor party is competent, as long as:
    - The party is aggressive
    - Better if the classes are multi hit (ex: sylas benefits more from soul drain than a scythe evie since his attacks have multiple hits from saw and shards)
    - They aren't getting hit while illusion shield is active

    He also has other helpful skills like you said - impulse zone reduces chances of ohko with the damage reduction, gives stam regen, and increased att.

    Regardless, I don't think a lot of people really know that sylas has the soul drain thing lul
  • Confused about Character Changes 9/4/18.

    For Sylas
    Normal attacks - Buffed
    - Can attack flying stuff now

    Phantom Shards - Buffed
    - Used to lose all your phantom shards (which contribute largely to his DPS) when you got hit but now you only lose 1. Damage upon releasing these remaining shards will be slightly less than normal
    - We still get damage reduction effect but if you get hit once, you lose it (I think, not 100% sure)
    - Used to be that you needed 30s of not getting hit to convert your stam/damage buff from Blade to Hilt, but now if you get hit (as long as you have shards), the 30s from Blade isn't reset.

    Impulse Zone - Buffed
    - Is now blue (10/10 so pretty)
    - Feels larger
    - Stays on the field for longer

    Extinction Roar - Buffed
    - Can shoot it out before you have the required SP for it (can use more often in raids)
    - Can continue to shoot it out without losing SP, regardless of if you miss (no more shooting through the legs!)
    - SP only consumed when you do damage with it
    - Basically a lot more forgiving in terms of when you can use it

    Illusion Shield - Would say buff
    - Targets players with lowest HP
    - Used to be that when you got attacked, the shield would block some of the damage (up to 50% of the remaining heal you would get). Now, you lose out on 5s of healing (700 HP) from the remaining shield time. Considered a buff/nerf depending on how much you get attacked for and when you get attacked upon receiving the shield.

    Soul Drain - Nerf
    - Used to be that you get up to 400 HP per attack, now down to 300 HP

    Overall, good buffs, much more forgiving gameplay, but nothing game changing.
  • Almost 200 dollars for a Succubus.

    I mean I recall people saying on forums they'd pay $100+ to get an item if it wasn't gachapon
  • Lovely new trend

    Another lovely trend I've been seeing:
    People using GG's when they see me running towards them or using feather
    like ????