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  • Are guild runs on Quick Battle inconsiderate?

    Yagamin wrote: »

    My aim was to see how many people also find it annoying, that's why I added a poll instead of leaving it as only a discussion. It was not to convince them to stop.

    Except your poll is basically a leading question intended to make people feel bad for doing it

    Also don't forget about these posts

    Yagamin wrote: »

    If you are put with 2 trash players, autorun into a corner and watch youtube / do something else, but keep an eye out to see that you are still moving with autorun. Don't waste your time, you won't need to rage. Try get a fast 0-200 for a quick 10-15 points.

    You don't need a high win rate for the title thanks to the buff from 4 points to 10+ points for a loss
  • Are guild runs on Quick Battle inconsiderate?

    What's the point of asking this question when you've already made up your mind about it
  • description of +15 swap coupon

    'Trusted Nx Seller'
  • How excited are you for Grimden?

    Menrva wrote: »

    Wow, bust your ass to maybe get a chance to get a +11 if the RNG gods are with you so that you can unlock one single raid and then maybe have a chance at getting higher level gear which you will need to enhance and enchant all over again using your non-gold buying funds

    The gear given is already +12. Enhancing accessories has a much higher chance in comparison, will not break the gear, and does not require the reforge system.
    Once enough CF is obtained, you don't really need to get new accessories.

    Menrva wrote: »
    Sure is new players friendly. I can't wait for future content as the cap gets more and more frustrating to reach. Screw alt characters too, I guess. Be forced to pour it all into one and be stuck playing them. Wonder what's the next BS stat they will come up with. Enhance your pets and Kitty Brooch to +15 to raise your CounterFluff stat and gain access to 25% of Season 5!

    Different updated gear will probably be given to update with future caps..
    Alt characters are given the same OP free gear as everyone else once they reach a certain level. As stated before, getting enough CF to enter 100 raids is not that large of a gold barrier.

    Menrva wrote: »
    That people think grinding is perfectly okay for a game in Vindi's state is a joke. I am completely sure 95% of players who dare start this game now will never even be able to reach end-game and burn out. Plenty of more forgiving, less dead games out there.

    Vindi's current direction is simple - the rich easily get richer playing their exclusive content, and the newcomers get screwed or give into the paywall.

    Is this game even about skill anymore? Action rpg? What a joke.

    That people think they can prance into the game as a returning player in a korean MMO and be broken OP doing end game content without putting in minimal time is a joke. Yes, this game is still about skill since gearing can only take you so far if you're a **** player. Especially one who puts in no effort.
  • How excited are you for Grimden?

    NoSleep wrote: »
    The only ES that's worth anything is The Dead? Everything else is barely 5-10m on a good day. What exactly in S1 is worth selling again? I've found 3x steels out of running 400x of S3 for 1 month on 2x characters which I sold for a massive profit of 21m. Other than megaing over and over no one would join a non-QB unless your friends are OK with you doing .73% DPS. Farming is dead.

    Using prices from today
    From 90 raids
    - Chaotic - 13m
    - Immoral - 2m
    - Righteous -10m
    - Spirited - 3m
    - Judgement - 10m
    - The Dead - 60m
    - Subdued - 20m
    - Weeping - 20m
    - Echoing - 10m
    - Heartless - 25m
    - Stigma - Bought out, couldn't check lmao
    - Oranges - Minimum 1m

    From 95 Raids
    - Infinite - 20m
    - Capture - 30m
    - Sealed - 50m / 90m weird undercutting
    - Truth - 35m / 70m weird undercutting
    - Aes and dulla essences - 35m+
    - Oranges - Minimum 1m

    As you can see, not everything is 'barely 5-10m.'

    Season 1 - Quick battles that give lots of equipment (2-3 per run). Dismantle into element stone catalyst and craft into element stones .
    Same thing with season 2 + enchant scrolls from it.

    In terms of the amount of steel you got, I can't tell if that's supposed to be 3, or 30s - if it's 3, that's a yikes, you're just hella unlucky lmfao. Are you using VIP, guild bonus core, and cadet badge? lmao
    Either way, you could've chosen to do onslaught to get guaranteed steels.

    It's not about getting a super expensive drop to get gold. It's about getting several small drops and selling everything. Once again, MMO = grind

    In terms of starting battles without quick battle, I offered you one way of entering the battle without the requirements so you could see the end game content. And like you said, the requirements for QB are there for a reason - so that you aren't useless in the run. Hence, locking end-game content 'behind a paywall' makes sense.