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  • Genuinely Confused

    This gave a pretty decent summary to some of the questions you had
  • Lovely new trend

    I get not ressing people if they continually die but if they die once, maybe give them a chance?
  • Succubus Queen and the Rest Need to be 90+ Only

    Bowtacojr wrote: »

    Why are you assming I didn't read it, maybe not assume things of other people, it's rude. Either way, none of it is all that relevant to the concern of the raid balance itself.

    It's simpler to just limit the level, then no one would have to sort through filters to do a raid. Plus sub 90 players can still make the boats themselves, and unless they get a carry, it's just a waste of time for them.

    Then why are you arguing with me? You just admitted that it's easy to hit 90, so why are you so against barring a 90 raid to 90+ players only?

    Well I'll apologize for assuming. That was quite hipocritical of me - it seemed to be a safe assumption as you did not even bother to respond to them.
    But hey at least my assumption had reasoning behind it and I apologized ¯\_(ツ)_/ ¯

    Not completely sure what filters you're talking about. All you have to do is open quick battle and choose the raid you want
    Sub 90 players that make their own party will waste 30 min of their time if they're unlucky. Chances are the other party members will be able to clear it under 20. If they're extremely unlucky, they won't clear it, which is honestly very unlikely, but regardless, the possibility is there and 30 min is wasted. Honestly not that big of a deal.

    I'm against raising the level as I think it's unnecessary
    But here's some example scenarios
    - Returning players under 90 may want to do it (ex: to reminisce without having to grind). Even better if it's challenging for them as it'll give them a goal compared to if they just did s1 and s2 stuff.
    - There are quite a few competent players - or along the same lines, old players making new characters that want drops
    - I dislike putting content behind bars (reminds me of BDO where you grind to 50 and a message pops up saying 'this is where you actually start to play the game!'). Who knows. Maybe a new level 80 player would get bored to grind to 90 and quit without being able to actually play the game - and that's not what we want.

    Regardless, at the end of the day, all this arguing is useless as they won't change it so lolripyou
  • Succubus Queen and the Rest Need to be 90+ Only

    Bowtacojr wrote: »
    Nope, it's been the same since I started, but I'm glad you're finally reading my posts.

    Not even sure this needs to be said, but the placement of the Niflheim tab in Colhen and Rocheste is extremely misleading for new players. Compared to literally every other boss under the 90 raids, these raids are impossible for anyone with 70-80 gear, so why is it even open to people starting at 80?

    Thing is, these players will join other boats just to be kicked because there's no way they'll have the stats to hold their own, so why even let them?

    It's also clear you haven't done a Nifl raid since the update, if sub 90 players with generic 80 (or even 70) gear join they will be nothing but dead weight, because the 80 gear gives something like 16-17k max, and players are unlikely to invest heavily to upgrade it. These bosses are tanky af, the need people reasonably geared, or at least 20k+, players to be able to keep the raid fun and not a 20-30 minute slog, you even risk running out of time if you're trying to carry 3 sub level 90s.

    It's quality of life tbh, new players don't get kicked, old players don't have to kick and look like the bad guys.

    It's a simple change, so why would you rather leave it as is and kick players that don't know any better?

    I've been reading your posts the entire time. Not sure why you'd assume otherwise.
    And sorry I'll change my statement. Your argument has been the same, but it seems as if your reasoning behind it has slightly changed to appear less conceited.

    And again, let's not make any assumptions. I have done the raids since the update. I had two members in my party who were 80-90 who were able to carry their own weight. I have also had the opposite. In both cases, the raids were still fun to me, and were under 15 minutes.

    On a side note, fun is subjective.

  • Succubus Queen and the Rest Need to be 90+ Only

    I feel like OP changed his argument and some people are missing it (warranted due to the carrying statements in the first post):

    Nif raids are very hard to do as a new player that reached lv 80.
    Scenario Example
    A group of 4 friends just hit lv 80 and decided to do Nif raids, only to get absolutely destroyed because the raid is difficult as they do not have enchanted/enhanced 80 gear that we had when the level cap was still 80. This sudden change in difficulty is very strange considering raids only start getting harder at S3.

    I feel like it's fine as it is right now.
    Players who do it for the first time will realize that it is a difficult raid. If they don't enjoy it, they probably touch it again until they get better gear.
    But tbh, with the difficulty of S1 and S2 raids, I feel like they would welcome the new change in difficulty. Not everyone wants to have a 2 min raid.

    I suppose it doesn't hurt to put a "This raid is much more challenging than previous raids!" message when boarding or something though lol.
    Or yea, getting it out of colhen/rocheste tab is a good alternative.