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  • [EU] Collection for Arcana for Christmas? +shy

    KiiwiiPowa wrote: »
    i cant believe you can't afford 150m arcanas in eu. In NA we can't even buy them for 300m, most people put them for 340m +. :(

    Different economies, different values of gold.
  • How excited are you for Grimden?

    Meta wrote: »

    I left almost 3 years ago because the enchanting system is BS and from reading around it's still pretty BS. Moved over to Blade and Soul and love the game since the enchantment system doesn't break your equipment. Tera system is good too and BDO system is ok but at least your main equipment doesn't break.

    I came back just to see the new "revamp" enchantment system which I don't have great hopes for and the new character and changes. I really do like vindictus a lot because it's action gameplay is bar none the best for any mmo out there. It's just sad I had to leave the great gameplay because the enchantment system drove me away and a lot of people I know.

    So I'm kind of surprise there are still players from beta still playing because there was no way I could keep staying especially when other mmos out there don't have this type of crappy enchantment system

    The only other MMO I've played from that list was BDO and I agree their enhancement system was a godsend compared to Vindictus.
    However, enhancing to high levels isn't the main way to get power and tech to enter raids. For instance, enhancing your armor has minimal gains in power; enhancing your weapon doesn't give you tech, etc. The only reason to enhance them further is really for ADD which is not a stat requirement to enter raids.

    If anything, a new player only has to reach +10 on their weapon at minimum - all of which have above a 50% success rate, and can be protected from enhancement runes from the seal shop. +11 is also achievable with 2 premium enhancement runes given monthly from guild missions and monthly missions. The main ways a player gains power and tech are from enchants, and with the new ones being released, the older ones are getting much cheaper and more accessible.

    In terms of entering new raids, the main issue there is CF where you won't have to worry about your accessory breaking.

    I will agree and say that Vindictus' enhancement system isn't perfect, but it's definitely seen some improvements + the reforge system gives a goal for players with nothing else to get.
    aylbdr wrote: »

    Actually, they are blocking prices on some things and making it impossible for players to sell them for a decent profit. Just on one day I saw 18 pages of each chunk all obviously posted by bots and every single chunk of each type was the exact same price. That's over 600 chunks all sold for the same price as each other. So that's not even driving the price down anymore, making your argument in support of bots invalid.

    This botting thing only benefits buyers, not sellers. So it only works for people like you who support the bots by buying gold. Something that you should be banned for as far as the T.O.S. is concerned.

    That and not adding purple essences are two more reasons why I think nexon actually wants us to buy gold.

    Ok lowkey finally a different argument other than "everything has a paywall and I don't want to put in any effort to do stuff."

    I will agree that bots make it much more difficult for newer players to make gold and enter the market, but definitely not impossible as long as they continually grind / sell their drops.
    There are drops that aren't affected by bots (ex: intermediate stones), those that are farmable in large amounts that are still worth something (ex: end of season steels), and those that are still worth large amounts even with bots flooding them (ex: wep essences, scrolls). As such, as long as a new player is continually running content they will be making a decent sum of gold.

    From there, imo, in the long run bots would be helping these players more than harming.
    Either way, it's a catch 22:
    - If there are bots, newer players aren't able to make large amounts of gold easily by selling items, but they'll be able to buy things easily once they get gold.
    - But at the same time, if there were no bots, newer players would be able to make large amounts of gold by selling items for ridiculous prices, but they need to buy items for higher prices as well (ex: 50k mats with bots vs 500k mats without bots for accessory enhancements) and it ends up evening out,
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    'Trusted Nx Seller'
  • Are there any armor/gear simulators these days?

  • How excited are you for Grimden?

    NoSleep wrote: »
    The only ES that's worth anything is The Dead? Everything else is barely 5-10m on a good day. What exactly in S1 is worth selling again? I've found 3x steels out of running 400x of S3 for 1 month on 2x characters which I sold for a massive profit of 21m. Other than megaing over and over no one would join a non-QB unless your friends are OK with you doing .73% DPS. Farming is dead.

    Using prices from today
    From 90 raids
    - Chaotic - 13m
    - Immoral - 2m
    - Righteous -10m
    - Spirited - 3m
    - Judgement - 10m
    - The Dead - 60m
    - Subdued - 20m
    - Weeping - 20m
    - Echoing - 10m
    - Heartless - 25m
    - Stigma - Bought out, couldn't check lmao
    - Oranges - Minimum 1m

    From 95 Raids
    - Infinite - 20m
    - Capture - 30m
    - Sealed - 50m / 90m weird undercutting
    - Truth - 35m / 70m weird undercutting
    - Aes and dulla essences - 35m+
    - Oranges - Minimum 1m

    As you can see, not everything is 'barely 5-10m.'

    Season 1 - Quick battles that give lots of equipment (2-3 per run). Dismantle into element stone catalyst and craft into element stones .
    Same thing with season 2 + enchant scrolls from it.

    In terms of the amount of steel you got, I can't tell if that's supposed to be 3, or 30s - if it's 3, that's a yikes, you're just hella unlucky lmfao. Are you using VIP, guild bonus core, and cadet badge? lmao
    Either way, you could've chosen to do onslaught to get guaranteed steels.

    It's not about getting a super expensive drop to get gold. It's about getting several small drops and selling everything. Once again, MMO = grind

    In terms of starting battles without quick battle, I offered you one way of entering the battle without the requirements so you could see the end game content. And like you said, the requirements for QB are there for a reason - so that you aren't useless in the run. Hence, locking end-game content 'behind a paywall' makes sense.