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[EU] Collection for Arcana for Christmas? +shy

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+hello everyone.
I kinda feel guilty making this thread but there's something that I want so bad and I can't get it at the moment: Comrade Arcana.

Since we're close to Christmas, I've decided to ask to the people if they wanna help me get her as a Christmas gift.
My ammount atm is 60kk, what I'd like to ask is if someone who has not money problem wants to contribute with 5-10kk (or more if he wishes) to reach 150kk so I can buy it.

I know that might sounds like a moneygrabber, but I've always got the stuff by myself, the problem is this comrade got released too soon and actually I don't have the resource to buy it (I wish I was a casher or super lucky at drops, but I'm not +haha)

So, If someone of you wants to help and give a Christmas present, I'll be so grateful +shy

P.S. If you want to contribute, I'll write your name here and when we'll reach the goal, I'm gonna add you in game and we're gonna collect the golds all at the same time so you can be sure I won't steal anything.

P.P.S. Write the time you're online so we can settle it in order.

Thank you for your patience, and sorry again +shy


  • KiiwiiPowaKiiwiiPowa
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    i cant believe you can't afford 150m arcanas in eu. In NA we can't even buy them for 300m, most people put them for 340m +. :(
  • AngelYukkiAngelYukki
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    KiiwiiPowa wrote: »
    i cant believe you can't afford 150m arcanas in eu. In NA we can't even buy them for 300m, most people put them for 340m +. :(

    Different economies, different values of gold.
  • Order5Order5
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    Best of luck. I play on NA, but I usually try to give away the resources I get on the other servers. However, there are too many level restrictions and bound stuff nowdays. I'd offer to sell my +10-15 coupon to help, but I only have a level 45, and I lack the unbinds even if I were to level up.
  • DragonRiderDragonRider
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    I have a bit of money problems too.

    If someone can also donate to me 5-10kk gold (or more if they wish), please contact me on my IGN DragonRider in NA server! Please give because its xmas time, and I usually buy things on my own too, but you know, it came out too soon >.< and so I have to have it NOW without spending NX on gatchas. Thanks.
  • PrototypemindPrototypemind
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    I also will take generous donations on NA. Please mail all extra coin to Dashiva on NA so that I can perhaps afford a nice outfitter in these trying times.
  • MadcobraMadcobra
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    Pls gift me arcana set for xmass lul