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  • Don't you hate it when you die in a raid...

    What bothers me the most is when you're raiding and you make a mistake and die (i.e. abom chaining, glas portal). Then you ask for help like 4-5 times and no one comes to revive you even though you're at the side of the map where it's easy to get feathered. AND THEN AFTER THE RAID IS DONE THEY COME TO REVIVE YOU. Like, what even is the point in playing.. if you can't play the game.

    Reviving? Pointless? Some of us just want to play the game and enjoy the raid. Yeah, since rise happened raids are shorter than they used to be. But isn't it better to be able to fight the boss instead of staring at your incapacitated character for the entirety of it? If someone is dead and the boss is stepping over them, you can keep dpsing if you want. But the moment you can, the moment the boss gets out the range of them and you have a chance to help them get up, at least have the courtesy to try to revive them. It takes at most 5 seconds to revive someone when it's safe to do so.

    Some of us play on alts so we don't exactly have the abundance of graces that people say we SHOULD have. Stop being so elitist about that stupid extra core from damage % and contribute a few seconds of your day to helping others that have trouble.
  • Miri is stupid strong

    Some of us play a class not because it's overpowered but because we like the character/playstyle. Not everything is about damage dealt at the end of the raid. I feel like a lot of people these days that play are just so blinded by that end of the screen percent.
  • [Ranking] Additional Damage

    Not gonna lie, I just don't see the purpose in this. If you really wanted to find someone with almost all +15s in armor and +15/+16 in weapon, you could just look at the character rankings and see who has it; it's a little pointless to rank everything. I don't like this obsession with ranking everything (einlacher, titles, best in each class, damage %) that I see from time to time on the forums but then again, maybe that's just me.
  • Delia Should Get This

    You're saying that charging and buffing is delia's playstyle yet, some characters have different playstyles with different weapons. For example chain and sword vella, or tiede and greatsword hurk, or staff and scythe evie, or spear and sword lann or.. yeah you get the point. Just because the first weapon is a charge and buff sort doesn't mean delia's second weapon has to be in the same area.
  • First to 95 title

    Title for first to level 95 should be renamed to "I woke up early, logged on right as maintenance finished and spammed autumn reed bed with exp boost and vip faster than everyone else lul"