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  • What pants are these?

    I can't figure out what these dullahan pants are fused to. I whispered them but they didn't respond so hopefully someone knows what they are @.@ It's all black so its a bit hard to see: 2gtwwfn.jpg
  • B>+13 95 twin swords

    Leave ign if you have it, won't be on vindi too much this week.
  • Crossgun VS Bow VS Arisha

    Just pick the one you find most enjoyable whether it's playstyle, looks, etc and just go with that one.
  • Don't you hate it when you die in a raid...

    Tayla wrote: »
    I rez based on battle and if i'm in trans or miri dragon trans. Abom / Dulla / Glas / Aes - i rez. The rest your on your own. Seriously ppl like someone already said since the pots changing to merc fast health boost I don't understand why your dying in any of the raids that aren't the 4 I listed. Also, someone said parties are faster than 10 mins if group is 28k or higher; one attack don't matter anymore, two 80% easily of the parties are. People need to learn how to play their chars right - not just go crazy to get dps but first learn the bosses moves and practice your defense. I'm sorry i've been playin this game too long to have patience for ppl crying I don't get rez'd in the raids at this point. You can avoid dying, just try.

    What about the people that are new to the raid, or rather, just new players in general? I think most people are willing to learn the raid's mechanics given the opportunity. Do they just stay dead for the rest of the raid until the next one they do? How can you practice something when someone expects you to be perfect at it your first few times? You have the assumption that a lot of people just don't try when they're raiding, that they just run at the boss and try to do their smashes/moves and expect to be revived after they die without even trying to dodge or block and that's just not true.

    Everyone makes mistakes. We're not all perfect. Your argument that we have merc-like pots now and it should be impossible to die is just another excuse that's basically saying get better and stop being bad. True, it's a lot easier now since you get "better" armor and all but that doesn't mean new players deserve to not get revived because they've never done regina before and got hit by a 4k dmg red attack or got swooped up by her ohko that they've never seen before.
  • Don't you hate it when you die in a raid...

    OR use HP pots :O after a recent update they're like merc pots now that it doesn't have an animation so it should be easier to stay alive +shy .

    Use pots when you die from failing abom chain? Huh.