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  • what scrolls do i need for 80spd/90bal

    JynXi wrote: »
    Keep in mind before asking more dumb questions.
    Those guys have +15 weapons.

    Not necessarily a dumb question.
  • Spear Lann Einrach and more

    Grats (:
  • Why are YOU still playing this game?

    Ferghus ):
  • More Confessions

    I've got one confession to make! Or twooooo. I honestly miss the old forums so much. I know that it had a bunch of problems such as not even loading sometimes and being slow (maybe it was just on my end). The design was old and outdated too but I admit, I grew to like it after some time from posting on it to either sell things or read for fun on what everyone talked about on it/maybe join in on some from time to time. A few days ago I remembered reading somewhere that the old forums were read-only and I got a little bit excited thinking about that since I wanted to go through them a little bit and reminisce butttttt then I found out that it's totally offline now and I won't be able to see it anymore ):

    My second one would be how much Vindictus means to me. And boy does it mean a lot. Over the past couple years that I've been playing this game, I feel like I always come back for some time then quit again. Maybe it's just me wanting to satsify that nostalgic feel of raiding or just to wanting to experience the combat style vindi has to offer for just a teeny bit. Or maybe it's what I gained from playing it all this time. I've made so many friends, met so many new interesting and unique people in this community, had so many laughs and tears, and just so many satisfying moments of my life on this game. I even met my first boyfriend and although we aren't together anymore, it's the experience in real life that I gained from it that matters. I've stayed up hours past midnight just talking to people I've met here about things that aren't even vindi related, topics that were either depressing or interesting. Some of the friends I've made here are friends that became more than just people I played vindi with or were in a guild with; they became people that I've grown to care about so much. I guess I'm sort of rambling at this point but the point I'm trying to make is that vindi is more than just a game to me, now that I look at it.

    I haven't played this game in quite a few months because my interest in it died out after Regina's release and pretty much obtaining everything I've ever wanted on my Evie. This is actually my first post on these new forums >.< Andddd I wanted to write something here while I'm playing a bit again :D