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    Ngl, the only thing they'll get back to you with is disappointment.
  • Are you looking forward to the RISE update?

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    I think you're the one that misunderstood here. Notice how I said "extended attack pattern." This implies that the boss is locking itself into an attack that will last long enough for you to drink one or two potions and/or repair. I'll agree that it's not unusual for a boss to go after someone that's repairing/drinking potions as that's how their AI is programmed, but as long as you memorize the boss's attacks, you'd be surprised what you can get away with behind their backs. You shouldn't have to worry about them coming after your as long as you play your cards right.

    Cost benefit ratio still too low, which is why pretty much nobody does this. Most people will pick the optimal choice in any situation...the fact that most people don't drink pots outside of nif/neam means it's not optimal to drink pots.
    This assumes that the player in question is potting after every hit they take. An intelligent player will instead notice where they stack up against a boss and create a mental HP threshold that they try to keep themselves above & only pot when they go below it. I personally like to keep my HP just high enough to where I won't die the next time I get hit. Yes my DPS may suffer slightly because I took an extra 4 seconds to heal up, but keeping myself away from death is preventing me from lowering the party's dps. You say that most people would rather die and get their HP restored to half through a rez? This is just sloppy play and a sign of selfish people that only care about their DPS and not the group as a whole. They're the one's that make the run take longer overall. I'll put your logic against mine & you tell me which one results in more dps lost.

    DPS lost from a drinking potion every so often?
    (DPS lost from being dead & waiting for a rez + DPS lost from another party member having to stop and revive you).

    I wasn't suggesting that players should pot after every hit, that was an example used to compare hp restored via one pot at the level where one pot would be able to negate one hit from the boss (roughly).

    Whether you consider it sloppy or not, the fact is that outside of perma death raids, pretty much everyone would rather die for a free heal than drink pots. Feel free to convince players ingame that it is sloppy, I can all but guarantee that you will be ignored.

    It's actually faster to get ressed for what is roughly a 50% hp heal (don't remember the exact numbers off hand) rather than drink multiple pots, each of which must be timed when the boss is "busy" and not focused on you. Even if we are comparing 1 feather to 1 pot, the only time the party would lose DPS is if the person being ressed does lower DPS than the person using the feather.
    Sound logic speaks for iteself tyvm. And let's be honest, how often are you immediately revived in a pug? While I make it a priority to revive someone asap, most of the time you're sitting there twiddling your thumbs b/c everyone is too focused on "getting that big dps number." Gimme a break. This is a cancerous mentality imo & I wish this game could go back to its roots where people didn't care about dps but rather working together to conquer tough bosses.

    It varies a lot per party obviously, but the system encourages revives more than drinking pots outside of nif/neam. If the rest of the party is content with not ressing anyone, well that's their issue really, they are the ones who have to fight the boss for longer. In my experience, its usually not a problem to get ressed within a few seconds.
    Again with the whole focus on DPS. The whole benefit of Merc pots was that they could be used without an animation & we don't need the normal potions gaining that benefit. You say that without the animation, players would have a reason to drink pots. So by that statement, there's no reason to use them as long as an animation exists? Uh.. How about preventing your death so you don't lower other party member's dps by making someone come rez you?

    The majority of the playerbase obviously doesn't agree with you on this point, or drinking pots outside of nif/neam would be the norm (which it is not).
    I don't see how it actively discourages people from drinking unless you're referring to this whole "loss of dps," argument. Again, see my logic compared to yours about dps loss in a party.

    Next time you do raids, ask the people in your party why they aren't drinking pots and are dying.
    This part was unnecessary and I'm just gonna chalk it up to you being cocky thinking you had a sound argument that couldn't be debated. I'll admit that I do have a "git good," mentality about things here, but that's because back when I started Vin, you had to git good to even play the game. Then again, I'll gladly wear my git gud mentality over the mentality of a snarky elitist whose only concern is their DPS.

    I was trying to illustrate that the majority's views are very different from yours. The majority doesn't believe in drinking pots outside of nif/neam and will react very badly to any attempt by a party member trying to get them to do so.

    The point I was trying to make was that most players don't believe it's the optimal choice to drink pots outside of perma death raids, and removing the animation would have helped to change that.
    1. Scale up the Regular/Fine/Superior Pots from 450/750/1100 to 750/1500/3500.
    2. Make the current potions % based instead: 20%, 45%, and 65% heals on each potion respectively
    3. Time to introduce Exquisite HP potions & Fine Life Erg Crystals!

    You could make potions heal more, but most people still would not drink pots outside of perma death raids simply because getting ressed = free heal. As long as most players do not believe that it is in their best interest to drink pots outside of perma death raids, they will not do so. You can either lower the bar to drink pots (make it easier, such as removing the animation) and/or make it necessary to drink pots (introduce perma death to all raids, remove the free heal, etc), but the latter is likely to result in massive backlash as most players will not be able to adapt. Derpcat simply went with the easiest option available, which was to make things easier for everyone. But because they wanted to mitigate backlash from +20 and other dumb stuff, they backpedaled on this and in the end, we get nothing that fixes the issue because derpcat won't spend substantial time/money on revamping pots.

    Edit : Just saw that repair animations are still being removed, so thats a good thing IMHO.
    Now to actually answer the question this thread asks... Am I looking forward to the rise update. For the most part yes. I'm just not a fan of the changes that are geared towards the game babying the player.

    Unfortunately, the game population has shifted so that the average player is willing to do a lot less than the initial "hardcore" playerbase. Making the game easier is probably necessary to try and get new players to stay. I remember back when roch/drags was end game, people actually put in effort to figure out how to do roch breaks. Even when s2 was out, people put in effort to figure out how to do things like bark/kraken efficiently. But now, most new players struggle with something like panth even if they have level 90 gear and they won't touch practice mode with a ten foot long pole.. It's a whole different player base now. I've pretty much given up on trying to get new players to end game because the vast majority will simply give up because the game is "too hard".

    From reading your counterarguments and opinions, I don't think it's right to just assume that everyone thinks the same way as you, nor do I think it's right for you to speak on the behalf of the majority of the playerbase in regards to their mentality of using pots/not using pots. True, using potions isn't as effective as getting that ~50% hp gain from getting feathered. But not everyone is going to feather you right away when you die; most of the time, from what I see, feathering someone takes at least the time it takes to drink a few pots, if not more, depending on how far from you that they died.

    I honestly think that people don't use potions because like a few people have already said, the hp gain is just too low with how high of hp we have right now. Instead of making things easier than they already are, having hp potions heal % hp would probably give more an incentive to use them in battles/raids. Or even having those redeemer potions be potions we can use in raids; with hp pot prof r3, that's 4800 hp, which is more than half the hp an average player has, thus making the "wait to be rezzed instead of potting because lazy to get hp" argument be ineffective.

    I'm glad that the hp pot changes aren't happening, there's already so much babying as is.

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  • Where is everyone?

    From my experience, I honestly think that the majority of players that are active are all 80+. A lot of the lower level content is pretty dead since most of the time people like to level with just friends/guildies or speed through story on their alts solo so they can do higher level content (like s3 raids). The difficulty of the story stuff has gotten to a point where it's pretty easy to just solo everything except the raids. From time to time you'll see people do the level 60/70 raids and mega for people to join (on west).

    If you're looking for people to goof off with and play with, you should join a guild (: I feel like there's still quite a bit of people playing vindi, it's just that some of them aren't vocal on megas, don't use forums, and/or just do things with friends and not randoms. Just gotta find that gem xD
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