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As you all have probably noticed I have been leaving 101 Guide on new bosses not yet released on the NA/EU servers. As a heads up I DO stream on Twitch. My channel is on my profile if you guys have any questions to ask in stream :)


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I play mainly on the KR server but I tend to come back here when I can. I stream KR as well for the community. One day I will be a Localizer for MMO's https://www.twitch.tv/tankblade9
  • Arisha Second Weapon Live Testing

    If I can get some friends then I'll record it XD
  • Rework?

    i pray everyday that a game like vindictus will rise.

    so far I found nothing similar

    If it makes you keep hoping I've been learning game development by working on such a thing. I've been updating everyone in the Vindi discord about it too so.....granted it's currently as an educational thing but if it actually picks up and get somewhere then I'll do what I can do make it happen. Since I'm soloing it's development (what is money for hiring developers) It's a super slow process since I'm learning starting as of really recent.
  • Arisha Second Weapon Live Testing

    RISE tbh scratching the AD and the enhancement bit was actually a pretty interesting step in the right direction in terms of trying to revive the game. KR fixed a lot of the bugs with RISE already so judging by that comment it sounds like NA never implemented the bug fixes at all even after half a year.

    It may seem similar but control wise Vella Chains are WAY easier to deal with. DevCAT made the control of Whip too complicated and confusing. You have to press WAY too many buttons than is really needed for what that weapon can do. Whip is such good potential especially in the DPS end of things. But it's control development was not done right.
  • Rework?

    Yes. This game will be reworked believe it or not. It came out in 2010 using Source engine, and they have plans to port it to the Source 2 engine, which debuted in 2015 with DOTA 2. Expect great things!

    Actually that was never announced. DevCAT even stated they will not be going to another engine due to a complete recode of the entire game. Unless you were saying that for the lols then ignore me xD
  • Arisha Second Weapon Live Testing

    Rezi wrote: »

    Do you think you could test her in the Abyssal Arena? I feel that would be a far better indication of her ability than solo Glas.

    Actually I never thought of that. I'll probably do that this weekend. What I may do is spend some downtime learning the weapon at a better term since i went in blind. The weapon is just.....It's hard to get used to. But here's a somewhat okay overview in the short stream for those that missed it. I was gonna go through and iron the details on the weapon but until it hits Live Server I will hold off since DevCAT have a lot of things to fix. So the details in the skills will 100% change in due time. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/207679533