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As you all have probably noticed I have been leaving 101 Guide on new bosses not yet released on the NA/EU servers. As a heads up I DO stream on Twitch. My channel is on my profile if you guys have any questions to ask in stream :)


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I play mainly on the KR server but I tend to come back here when I can. I stream KR as well for the community. One day I will be a Localizer for MMO's https://www.twitch.tv/tankblade9
  • New Korean Intro

    KissFork wrote: »
    this was alrdy posted yesterday

    it didn't have its own thread therefore unless you went through that whole post which started in July then you would not see it.
    Made it more visible to the public by giving it its own thread.

    and for the big steampowered weapons i am hoping that those are in fact NOT arisha's weapons because it doesnt fit her in the first place... she looks like she would carry small cure designed mana pistols...

    The reason why it was posted there is on the first page but i do see where you are coming from. Whiskers was just letting you know that the whole announcement was translated there was all xD. The main intention was to have all official updates and announcements on that thread to overall make the future section clean. So far its been doing a good job for the past 2-4 months.

    No that is the Raid Boss Arkana. No one knows what Arisha's weapon is. We wont know until MAYBE november if DevCAT is generous xD

    PowMan wrote: »
    There is no point in enhancing until they bring +13 runes over here. Simply just a waste of your time, energy and your sanity.

    Be sure to read the details of that +13 rune because once used it permabinds your lvl 90 weapon since it's a 100% success rate. Plus it only works for lvl 90 weapons. So do keep that in mind everyone.
  • KR Server Patch Notes & More

    Do keep in mind these are rough translated. Also whats listed is what was in order from the video. So no that first thing isn't Arisha's 2nd weapon. That is Arkana the Raid Boss.
    Details about planned updates:
    New Raid Boss: Arkana
    A possible Redeemers dungeon. You need to be capped level and well geared for it. There will be a separate EXP system involved which is used for getting rewards when running this dungeon.

    Guild Improvements:
    -Guild Invites
    -Guild Introductions
    -Guild Category
    -New Features (nothing was revealed here yet)

    Addition and Reorganization of Ein Lacher:
    -New battles and titles will be added

    Emotions Chat Interaction:
    -Added emotion expressions with chat input
    -Greet other players when specifying their character names in chat

    Object System
    -You can own personal objects and place them around town to create a variety of situations

    Adventure Buddy
    -So uh.....Havan and Iset ARE a thing now as adventure buddies.

    Vindictus x The King of Fighters
    -New Avatar Sets and Emotion Expressions from The King of Fighters
    -These will be from 4 characters. Yuri, Kyo, Iori, and Mai

    Winter Update
    -Season 3 Chapter 3 Episode 1
    -Arisha 2nd weapon

    Additionally: Since we have a Cat 5 hurricane heading to Florida i may not be able to respond or stream for some time until it passes. Evacuations MAY be happening soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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  • Miri Stuff

    This is absolutely ridiculously late because I've been focusing on my stream for this type of things so I never think to post them here since I uh....do this all in stream but here is a brief list and a simple explanation of what each skill does effect wise
    Skills wrote:
    "Active: Flight Rehersal" A forward dashing skill similar to Delia. The animation changes when in Last Descendant Transformation.
    "Active: Reckless Charge" An SP skill of 2 very strong charges. Bosses can be flinched every hit of this attack. When attacks are landed you gain 1-2 MAYBE 3 bars of Draker's Aura.
    "Active: Flame Breath" An SP skill gathering flames around the Draker and striking to send them towards an enemy. When attacks are landed you gain 1-2 MAYBE 3 bars of Draker's Aura.
    "Active: Last Descendant" Allows Miri to transform into a Draker class warrior granting unlimited Draker's Aura. This will change the animation for Flight Rehersal.
    "Active: Last Draker" Miri's Lockdown skill only usable in Last Descendant. No SP is required. Only Last Descendant is required.
    "Draker Mastery"
    "Defending Attack" Allows you to negate incoming damage while dealing damage. This will also unleash the buff stack obtained from Striker when the buff stack is at 3 or higher. The more stacks the stronger the additional damage becomes. Just do normal attacks at the right time to use it.
    "Rushing Spine" Simple right click
    "Finishing Tail" Left click, right click
    "Ravaging Tooth" Left click x2, right click
    "Crushing Nail" Left click x3, right click
    "Death Claw" Left click x4, right click
    "Piercing Arm" left click x5 right click
    "Ancestor's Will: Striker" Right Click Skill when Draker's Aura is obtained. Can be combo'd after nearly every skill.
    "Ancestor's Will: Protecter" Avoidance Tab Skill
    "Ancestor's Will: Revenger" Right click after Protector to counter
    "Sliding Away" Dodge Skill
    "Draker's Aura" Draker's Aura is acquired over time. This allows use of the Ancestor's Will skills. Edit: Attack speed DOES affect how fast the aura recharges (thanks to @Puppyman for this last bit)
    "Draker's Mark" "Draker's Mark is acquired by landing Striker on enemies. Up to 5 stacks can be obtained. The more stacks you have. The stronger damage released by Defending Attack effect will be.
  • Miri Stuff

    But...but... Miri is INT or STR character?

    Exactly as Watermelon states. Miri is STR :)